What is Brime, the latest streaming conspiracy involving Ninja, Shroud, and Doc?

In the wake of Dr. Disrespect’s cryptic tweet last night saying that even he Don’t know the “specific reason” why Twitch has banned it, the speculation has gone crazy to the point that there is at least one conspiracy that I think is worth tackling.

And discrediting.

While many theories about what’s going on with Dr. Disrespect involve possible legal issues that neither he nor Twitch can talk about, there is a far-flung idea that Keemstar recently brought to the mainstream, spread to his large following.

This all seems to come from an anonymous 4chan post that says a lot of wild things.

In short, the idea here is that Doc, along with Ninja and Shroud, the two recently departed from Mixer, are going to start their own streaming service backed by Spotify. Dr. Disrespect reached out to the creators about the service, Twitch found out, banned it, and is now acting against it. No one can talk about any of this because of the NDAs.

This was elevated by Keemstar to a new level where he introduced a Twitter account called @WatchBrime, which is supposed to be a new streaming service that will begin answering questions about its operations tomorrow Monday. The account appears to have been created last week. The only person who tweeted about Brime prior to this appears to be an ex-Mixer person.

The “evidence” cited here is that Brime is following Shroud, Ninja, and Dr Disrespect, and only 15 people total, but that also includes people like Ewok (who just left Mixer) and DrLupo (who just re-signed. with Twitch). There’s also a “prepare for 29” image in the Doc stream, implying some sort of announcement.

Well, let’s review this “theory”, although it is generous to call it that.

First of all, Spotify is not owned by Google. That invalidates about half of what that initial 4chan post says right away. There were rumors that Google wanted to acquire Spotify a few years ago, but that never manifested itself.

Secondly, if Doc were to try to steal streamers from Twitch, someone would have already talked about that if he wasn’t an anonymous 4chan person. The fact that None he’s talking about the reason why Doc is banned involves something more serious than this, and we wouldn’t see this kind of silence around simple breach of contract issues.

Third, although Ninja and Shroud haven’t announced where they’re headed yet, and they probably had more doubts about Mixer’s shutdown than everyone else, it would be a huge exaggeration to imagine that they would get involved with a brand new streaming site after what just happened with Mixer, and it looks like it would be a totally insane move unless Spotify bet them literally $ 50 million each.

Fourth, Doc just signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with Twitch in March 2020. Say what you want about Doc, but it doesn’t seem logical that they would risk that by suddenly stepping out of the reservation, breaking their deal to sign up for a full service. again and try to steal other streamers on your way out.

Fifth, Brime is a terrible name. Brime.com is still for sale (for $ 50,000), and that Twitter account was just created this month. It seems unlikely that Brime will be able to pay millions for high-profile streamers and not even buy his own damn domain name before its official reveal. WatchBrime.com is parked and owned by a domain wholesaler site, although it was purchased on June 25. Brime.tv and Brime.gg were also purchased this week. Whether or not Brime is a real streaming service, I can’t say for sure. I also can’t rule out that since it’s literally just a Twitter account right now, it could be a 4-channel troll that fooled people like Keemstar and others. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow.

Anything is possible in the madness of 2020, and yet there is so A lot about the idea that “Brime” has caught Ninja, Shroud, and Doc and that’s the reason for the disrespectful ban that doesn’t make sense, it’s hard for me to take this seriously. Maybe we’ll find out more tomorrow, maybe, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see none of this come out at all.

To update: Brime had a different logo when the account was created, stolen from a web design company:

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