What happened on season 16, episode 1

Ah, “The Bachelorette” is back.

Despite not finding love in “The Bachelor,” or “Bachelor in Paradise,” or “Bachelor in Paradise,” or “The Bachelor’s Winter Games,” leading Lady Claire Crowley is confident she will handle one final this time around. Ring on his finger in season 16. (She’s different now! She’s gone for therapy!)

Living at the “covid-free” La Quinta resort in La Quinta, California, the 39-year-old, the oldest bachelorette in history, spent her first episode smiling, even though she filmed the rest. In the show in July, when cases increased across the country. That Must Embrace all those men, though this is a serious business.

The most shocking part of the night was when Chris Harris said it would be a “dramatic season”, but not “the most dramatic season ever”. I am deeply skeptical. Does he know we don’t?

Here’s how Claire’s journey began.


After months of household members being stuck with family members and rooms, America found that 31 hot people complain of being alone in a luxurious hotel room for two weeks. What resilience! At least we know they’re doing all-the-way tests of the brain’s coronavirus. Thanks to the creators for giving us that annoying shot.

Met men


There were some really sweet meetings, like when Claire met Dale Moss (who he rumored to be in love with, he leaves the show as soon as possible). “I knew it. I definitely feel like I’ve just met my husband, I feel shaky, ”she said to herself after they shared a hug.“ Everyone with whom I feel confident, but with Dale … I felt everything I could Never felt. “Sure

More importantly, the creators explicitly pushed these men into the following early shitics:

  • Jason, A former pro football lineman, wore Fake pregnant belly “Proving that he is willing to hold the weight of the relationship and the labor of love.” (Yeah, that was a reference to one of his previous asons. No, I don’t care.)
  • TylerClare, a lawyer in the state wagon “Clark Griswald-style”, has filled “his whole life” to this day.
  • Harvard alumni Bennett “Run” Rolls Royce all the way from New York City.
  • Anesthesiologist J. She wore a stethoscope to heal her love life.
  • Easy, Another former pro athlete, jumped out of the sign saying “your future husband”.
  • Jay Wearing a straightjacket because he “got a little crazy” while waiting to meet Claire.
  • Chessen The entire suit of armor was donated and there was no penalty to explain why. A futile opportunity.
  • Damer Wearing a parachute because it “fell for Claire already.”
  • Ad Wearing a bubble, because. Extensive gestures for infectious air.

Cocktail party

Every cocktail party needs a good boy.
Every cocktail party needs a good boy.ABC

Coronavirus and Claire’s sick mother cast a dark shadow over the meeting and greetings. Her two dogs stole the show. Please give us more dog stuff, ABC.

The best play

Sc Scar Tyler c. Goes on, who fought the season “here for the right reasons.” “Coming into this, I was in a strange position to learn some stuff about Joseph,” he told some other suitors. “There are a lot of reckless people on Instagram and flirting with girls from where I know them.”

Playing the “Looking for Claire” card, Tyler confronted Joseph about the allegations, who then flirted with Claire. They both sat down to talk and quickly dismissed themselves to chat with other men.

Joseph reports the pot starts in the next episode, so stay tuned.

The first kiss

Claire smoked Blake Moynes, who claimed she was “the only person” who reached out to him during the pre-production period, despite being against the rules. (Contradicting these reports is that she was in contact with Dell before the film, which is why she fell for him so quickly.)

The first impression increased

No wonder, he pinned the curb on Dell. The two are more connected to their shared “feelings” and “energy”. He also caught the second kiss of the night. Talk about #webcheck.

Rose program

Claire sent many men home – including Tyler C., Mike, J., Chris and Page.


Ever the fan of Edge, promos are coming closer and closer which make it clear that Claire has been replaced by Tay Shea. I’ll give her two more episodes.

Next week will be a dodgeball date, as it is literally the only date ever shown. Joseph will show us all that Tyler C was right to doubt him, and Dale and Claire will quickly fall in love.