‘We’ve gotten better and it starts with me’

The Buffalo Bills lost the first egg of the 2020 season Tuesday night to the Tennessee Titans in 42-16 months.

It was an ominous start from Buffalo with Joff Lenn loosening the hand of Andre Roberts with a lawn pass and Malcolm Butler stopped him to open the game. The road led the Tussauds to a touchdown and Buffalo was in comeback-mode with the bat.

It was Allen’s worst game of the season.

“We’ve gotten better and it starts with me,” said third-year QB by WKBW Buffalo. “We’ll learn from this. We’re not going to make a big deal out of what we need to make it. We’ve got a few weeks ahead and we need to learn from this and kind of forget about it. It’s as fast as we can.”

Allen passed 263 yards, passed for 266 yards, 6.4 yards effort, two TD passes and two INTs, for a 77.6 passer rating. He marked season-low levels in yard passing, yard passing per effort, and passing rating.

After tackling a hurdle in the first four games, Eleanor threw her first multi-INT game against the Patriots, losing in Week 4, 2019. Ellen had five multi-pick games in her rookie season. Then he has only three.

Many will use Allen’s prime time debriefing to justify his previously held stance that large-armed QB is a waste. Such a hypothesis would ignore the third-year pro’s excellent play in the first month of the season and with the accuracy of touch passes and deep deep-ball, Ellen would be blind to the scandalous steps she took this year. A sports season does not make a career.

Every quarterback in NFL history has had the worst days Ellen experienced Tuesday. From grits like Tom Brady and J Mont Montana to events like John Skeleton and Brian St. Pierre, every QB has had rough days in B Fees. That is life. You, too, are a good reader, reading HOF every day of your career. The class did not perform. That we should not expect.

The key is how Allen comes back. Greats one-game dives in and progresses to a one-year ward length. Good players continue the roller-coaster of ups and downs that will determine their careers. Ordinary people take care of the bottom of the pit.

It didn’t feel like the lawn was the only one who played fairly weak on Tuesday. The defense could not find a stop in the red zone, and Sean McDermott’s team fined after the offense.