Webinar: How to take advantage of virtual experiences to generate results for companies


Free webcast: May 19. With the impact of Covid-19, we are in a challenging business environment and the expectations of marketers are rising to new heights. Between managing critical marketing communications, ensuring that existing campaigns remain relevant, and reworking event plans, marketers and event leaders are asked to reimagine how to keep the audience interested and find innovative ways to raise awareness, build brand affinity and drive lead generation.

Our team of industry experts continues to partner with companies to help them provide important information to help them keep brands in mind while helping marketers quickly move towards new solutions that will build a marketing pipeline, create business assets. content marketing and they will generate qualified customers who will convert.


Join Jacquie Niemiec, vice president of marketing solutions for Endeavor Business Media, and Ryan Malec, senior director of digital innovation, as they discuss the following:

  • Steps to build a solid multi-step marketing approach to success in this time of great uncertainty.
  • Latest trends that are a winning combination of digital engagement
  • Examples of creative ways companies create digital engagement and replicate event experiences

(Endeavor Business Media is the parent company of CPA Practice Advisor.)


Jacquie NiemiecJacquie Niemiec,
Vice President of Marketing Solutions
Endeavor Business Media

Jacquie has many years of experience training marketing, content, sales and executive specialists on the latest trends in digital and marketing solutions. Using the Buyers Journey as a guide, Jacquie helps companies develop content programs that focus on thought leadership and the delivery of quality leads. As a leader and innovative marketer, she works with business leaders to recognize revenue growth and digital transformation. Jacquie has been in the B2B space for over 15 years, starting at Penton Media who then transitioned to Informa 2 years ago. She is now part of the Endeavor Business Media family that leads our new Marketing Solutions division.

Ryan MalecRyan Malec
Senior Director of Digital Innovation
Endeavor Business Media

As one of the first advocates of leveraging digital solutions for marketing success, Ryan has more than a decade of experience creating advanced digital marketing solutions to meet market demands and deliver better user experiences. Accepting the challenge of constantly evolving needs and expectations, Ryan focuses on developing audience-based acquisition strategies and data-driven digital marketing solutions using cutting-edge marketing technologies. These solutions are designed for automation, scalability, and acceleration of the purchasing process. You actively meet with strategic clients and help them generate personalized solutions that offer higher quality perspectives in your sales / marketing channels.