We need to work now to control COVID for the holidays

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. (Pixels)

As the Covid-1 transmission continues to grow in Washington, officials are warning residents to follow public health guidelines to avoid “increased risk” during the holidays.

If you must travel for the holidays, be ‘aware of the dangers involved’

According to a recent status report from the state Department of Health, COVID-19 activity is “intensifying in Washington and Washington”, characterized by a growing number of cases and hospitalizations.

Cases in West and Washington Washington have actually been rising since mid-September, a trend that is “particularly pronounced” in King, Snowhomish and Pierce counties.

If this trend continues, there is a high risk of the virus being transmitted to families who gather for X-Giving and Christmas.

“Any increase in Covid-1 cases will jeopardize our progress toward reopening schools, increasing our healthcare stress and risks during holiday gatherings,” Health’s Lacey Fehrenbach said in a recent news release. “Rates in the community increase the chances of someone in your gathering – even those you know well and trust – having COVID-19.”

It is backed by Dr Keith Jerome, head of UW Virology, who is simultaneously advising against large-scale holiday gatherings.

“Everything here is a number one game, and every extra person around that table increases the risk for you, [and] That puts them at greater risk, “said Dave Ross of Kiro Radio.

UW Virology is at risk of a big holiday gathering this year

During the holidays, Washington residents are urged to always wear a mask in public, avoid contact with large groups of people, wash your hands frequently, get your flu shot as soon as possible, and get sick when you are at home.

“If we act now, we will be able to increase this control over time for the holidays,” Fehrenbach said.