Watch Live: Communal Russia testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the investigation

Washington Washington – Former FBI Director James Kim is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday as part of the committee’s investigation into the origin of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Comey, who was fired by President Trump in 2017, oversaw the investigation, dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane,” which was eventually carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

a Report The FBI’s handling of the FBI’s (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) request to conduct a survey on Carter Page, a former aide to the Trump campaign, by the Inspector General of the Justice Department, published in December, found 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions, however.” Initiated was justified and showed no political bias.

is coming Told CBS News in August That he is not concerned about the ongoing investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane and that the target of the investigation is “can’t imagine”.

“Given that I know what happened during 2011, a group of people trying to do the right thing in accordance with the law, I’m not at all worried about that investigation,” Comey said. “Face the Nation.”

How to see the testimony of James Comey

  • What: Former FBI Director James Kimmy testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
  • Time: 10:00 am ET
  • Location: Dirksen Senate Office Fee Building, Washington DC, D.C.
  • Stream Online Stream: Watch in the player above CBSN or on your mobile streaming device.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham is a staunch defender of the president, and has criticized the FBI for launching an investigation. Last week, Graham Published records Showing that the primary “sub-source” for Steele Dossier was the subject of a previously conflicting investigation by the FBI, and those facts were known to the Crossfire Hurricane Team in early December 2016.