Watch Chris Evans and Paul Rudd have a lovely chat

Happy Friday! How would you like to see 43 uninterrupted minutes of two of the best guys in Hollywood? You can, because Chris Evans and Paul Rudd, aka Captain America and Ant-Man, recently chatted with each other to Varietyhe’s at home Actors in Actors Serie. Keep in mind that both of you are shaking off some quarantine beards in this casual chat.

Evans and Rudd recently met “virtually” from their respective homes and discussed a bit of everything. Of course, they discussed their experiences with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, they delved into Paul Rudd’s performance in friendsembarrassing, Rudd dance videos that Evans has stored on his phone and his new projects. That includes Defending Jacob on Apple TV + and Living with yourself on Netflix

Interview with Paul Rudd and Chris Evans


After some playful pranks that resulted in Rudd taking Thanos’ glove off, they got to work. Reflective questions were asked, resulting in both actors recalling past projects. They also spent a lot of time talking about what it was like to work in the MCU. Evans played Steve Rogers from 2011-2019 and Rudd played Scott Lang from 2015-2019. So they both have a bit of a history of working within the franchise.

Both Evans and Rudd are very polite to each other during the video. Neither of them seemed to want to talk about himself for too long, so they kept the interview in a quick round-trip style. The interview ends with both actors saying how horrible this type of interview tends to be, but doing it together made it less. All in all, it’s a lovely interview to take you to the weekend.

And if you need a little extra oomph, you can also watch the installment of Sir Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavill Actors in Actors Serie.

It is equally charming.

Featured Image: Variety