Washington Washington County lifted all COVID-19 restrictions

While mask mandates continue in some cities, one Wisconsin county is lifting all COVID-19 restrictions.

Washington Washington County executive Josh Schumann announced that the county is ready for a full return to normalcy. No statewide rules will apply.

The decision means that every business in Washington Washington County can decide for themselves if they need to wear a mask. In the heart of Germanatown, Main Street is now free of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Our population and so on have been vaccinated. Everyone knows the CDC guidelines at the moment. The hospitals are in really good condition. At the moment I think people just need to follow their end conscience and do what they think.” To do, “Schoemann said.

Washington Washington County Executive Josh Showman

Friday, March 19 was declared “Local Eats” Day to encourage people to come back. Chase Hastings welcomes customers to Jerry’s Old Town Inn – whose mask is no longer part of his uniform.

Hastings said, “I would say that 9 out of 10 people who come to our rest restaurant rent are more comfortable without masks.”

Once the news of the withdrawal was reported, the customer hung his mask on the ground. Masks are still recommended by the CDC, while Hastings said people in Germantown need a sense of normalcy.

“We’ve had a lot of emotional conversations with people who are often on the verge of this whole thing,” Hastings said. “I think a tavern or a restaurant that has a good reputation for it can be a safe place for people.”

Fox 6 News reached out to the Washington Ozuki Public Health Department for its response to the county executive’s announcement but did not hear back.

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