Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement Of Monthly Errors In Annual Pass Holder Payment

Walt Disney World has released an official statement on those Annual Passport holder monthly payment errors. On social media, there were a few accounts who shared their shock at the charges during months when they were unable to visit Florida parks. Ashley Carter of My News 13 had reports of people charged for a lump sum during the months that the parks were closed. The company is now quickly trying to handle the situation when it comes to pass holders. There is no current schedule to eliminate charges or chargebacks. Many guests had wondered if this was on cards dating from the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. With so many people keeping their annual passes on automatic payment, it would seem inevitable that there would be some kind of problem with the payment system.

“Pass holders in the monthly payment program were incorrectly charged today. We are in the process of reversing these charges and apologize for the inconvenience this caused,” said the official statement from Disney World.

On the park’s website, the message remains unchanged. But, it seems likely that there will be changes soon. This is how it reads:

“If you are an Annual Pass holder on the monthly payment plan: April 5, 2020, we automatically stopped and will forgo monthly payments due while theme parks are closed. We will also retroactively refund payment made between March 14 and April 4, 2020. Payments will resume on payment dates regularly scheduled by the Pass Holder once the parks reopen. Please note that pass expiration dates will not be extended and passes will expire on the originally scheduled expiration dates. “

“As an alternative, Guests paying for Walt Disney World Annual Passes using the monthly payment program may choose to postpone their monthly payments from payments due April 5, 2020 until the park’s closing period, and then resume them on the regularly scheduled Pass Carrier pay date once the parks reopen. “

“Postponed payments will be collected in the months following the end of the Pass Holder’s currently scheduled payment term. The pass will extend the number of days the parks are closed. The new expiration date will be reflected in the Annual Pass Holder’s account before the parks reopen. To request this alternative option, we ask that you contact VIPASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. We anticipate a high volume of calls and appreciate your patience as we answer all queries. “

Are you an Annual Pass holder? Are you going to Florida for the reopening? Let us know in the comments!

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