Wade Miley hit hard in Cincinnati debut, Cubs beat Reds 8-7

The Honorary Star of the Joe Nuxhall Memorial Game

While we still have high hopes for the 2020 Cincinnati Reds, a series of confusing circumstances led to our co-stars tonight.

On the one hand, we have seen the pandemic and its peripheral concerns weaken the lineup of Matt Davidson, Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel, the latter two still awaiting official diagnoses while feeling unwell. Add that Tucker Barnhart is on paternity leave and that Wade Miley was completely crushed at the start tonight, and that the stage was set for an alternative Redsing.

We did it, and it was quite charming.

Tejay Antone made her major league debut in relief for Miley, and allowed a solo ER in 4.1 impressive innings of relief. He gave a lone hit, a man walked and hit a man, but he also mixed it with 5K and a fastball that was at 95-96 mph. That’ll do.

Then came Tyler Stephenson, the former first-round pick for whom we’ve apparently waited forever. Still just 23, Ty Steves hit a 415-foot diner over the CF wall in his first major league PA of his career, and he was the kind of bang in a lost game that makes you dream of the next decade of the Reds baseball. For the record, he became the first Reds player to eat in his first major league AP in 70 years. That is many years.

(Then he added a single laser in his second AP and scored again. Then he walked to drive in a run. Heck, yeah.)

Congratulations to Tejay and Tyler, of course. I just hope that we can immediately turn our attention to the current reds.

The honorable mentions are due to: Eugenio Suárez, who walked three times; Joey Votto, who connected twice, walked, drove a pair, and scored twice; and you, the person who waited for the rain delay of almost two hours and actually watched it all the time.

Key games

  • The walks, as they usually do, pursue. Walks that follow battered hitters generally also chase. Put the two together to start a game, and it’s a good indication that the starting pitcher didn’t make it that night. Such was the case for Wade Miley in her rain-delayed debut on Monday, as she walked in the Top of the 1st against the Chicago Cubs, before a trio of 2-out hits made the Reds fall 4-0 earlier. than you. I could find your seat.
  • Remember how we talked about Miley walking around and hitting the boys? Well, she did it again on top of the second, back to Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, though she mercifully turned to spread the bruises. Putting two running backs for Javy Baez is an interesting strategy, and it didn’t work, as Baez parked a double in LF to score Bryant and make it 5-0, and Rizzo scored a hitter later on a cross pass. Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ on a cookie. Reds in a row, 6-0.
  • I’m pretty sure Rizzo homered. Reds in a row, 7-0.
  • The Reds were hit in the bottom of the 6th. It was Jesse Winker, the master of success, when he came off the bench to score a single that scored Joey Votto, who had walked and moved a bag thanks to a Geno walk. Reds in a row, 7-1.
  • However, the Cubs recovered it. It is not important how. Reds in a row, 8-1.
  • Ty Steves! The rookie hit a donker on the CF wall at the bottom of the seventh, a solo blast to open his major league ledger. Then the walks to Votto and Suarez continued, with Joey scoring in an inning to Nick Castellanos’ CF. However, the Reds were unable to convert into a later base-loaded scenario, and that left the score at just 8-3.
  • The Reds continued their routine in the bottom of the eighth, with Ty Steves rolling the ball with a single. Phil Ervin backed him up with a walk, while Joey pitched a 2-out single to RF later to score both. That made it 8-5.
  • For the sake of drama, Craig Kimbrel took the mound for Chicago at the bottom of the ninth and things immediately got interesting. He gave up a trio of walks, the last to pinch hitter Shogo Akiyama, before pitching Freddy Galvis to lead in a sixth Reds run, and that brought Stephenson to the plate. Kimbrel then walked with Stephenson on his 34th pitch of the night to end his night, and Jeremy Jeffress was summoned to try and put out the Reds’ flame. He did, eventually, when Votto hit a screamer against CF who was caught for the final exit. The reds recovered, the reds lost, 8-7.

Tony Graphanino

Other Notes

  • gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • We are still waiting for news regarding Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel, who remain marginalized after waking up on Sunday feeling not good. Speaking of which, we’re only four games down this season and we saw Officer Christian Colon start at DH, in case you’re wondering how fast a stacking team can limp through.
  • Wade Miley finish line: 1.2 IP, lotta hits, lotta runs, lotta walk, couple beanos. Huzzah

  • On the other hand, Jon Lester pitched 5 no-hit innings, with just one walk as his blot. He only struck out 1 Reds hitter in the process, too, showing how guilty the offense was that night.
  • Tuesday’s competition between these two clubs will again be at 6:40 PM ET, hoping he can dodge the downpours and start on time. Tyler Mahle will start for the Reds in the absence of Anthony DeSclafani, while Alec Mills will go for the Cubs.
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