Viorant’s new controller Astra unveiled by Hull

Wright Games’ latest agent for strategic shooter Valuable Is on its way.

Developer Agent revealed On Twitter today. Her name is Astra, she originates from Ghana, and she is a new regulatory agent.

“African futurism was a huge inspiration to us when it came to designing Astra’s theatrics,” said John Riot Memmemi, Gosc Sikki, Riot’s character maker. “Once that element was brought into its evolution naturally all the pieces came into its place.”

The Astra controller joins the Brimstone, Omen and Viper in the class. It is the first controller added Valuable After the game is released. Dualist Raze, Rena, Yoru and Sentinel Kiljoy were added after the game’s release.

Astra’s abilities

Before activating the C, Q, and E abilities, you need to hang some Astra stars in the sky with their abilities.

Here are Astra’s capabilities:

C: Gravity Well

Gravity activates the star with C to create Well. The players in the area are pulled towards the center before they explode, leaving all the players still trapped inside the “fragile”.

Q: Nova Pulse

Nova activates a star to explode the pulse. The Nova Pulse strikes briefly after blending all the players in its field.

E: Nebula

Activates a star to transform into a nebula (smoke).

F: Get rid of it

Use the F on the star to scatter a star, putting the star back in a new position in your inventory after a delay.

Briefly create a fake nebula at the star’s location before returning to dispense.

X: Astral form, cosmic splitting

Activate with X to enter the astral form, where you can place the stars with your primary fire key. Astra will leave its physical body in favor of the top-down view of the map. Her physical body will be sensitive in this form.

When the cosmic divide is charged, use your secondary fire in astral form to start its target, then your primary fire to choose two locations. The Infinite Teleport-Esk Tunnel connects the two points you choose.

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