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The current situation with COVID 19 is unprecedented for companies and employees alike. We spoke with Max Hsu, Regional Director of Viewsonic in the Middle East and Africa to understand how a company like Viewsonic is coping with the current situation and what they have in line with current consumer needs.

How has ViewSonic adjusted its work practices and responded to the current situation of COVID-19 in the UAE?

We fully agree with government guidelines to fight this pandemic and keep our staff and their families safe. We have been following the rules established by the government and working from home since mid-March 2020.

Being in the business of solutions that make work, study, and play better from home, our staff is quite practical in embracing work from home culture, so there was no hassle in making that change. , to be honest. Our face-to-face meetings and demonstrations are now conducted in the form of online sessions and webinars, as long as the COVID-19 scare is of great importance in our heads. For the safety of the team, we will continue to work from home until further notice from the government. And to ensure that our team works continuously in a normal way, even more efficient and productive than normal, I hold those meetings regularly as usual and more frequently sharing work and information between the team regardless of the good or bad news. Furthermore, encouraging and inspiring the team is very essential during this period.

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Max Hsu, Regional Director of Viewsonic, MEA
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How have work-at-home requirements changed in a short period in the region? Where do your offerings come into play here?

Like the most affected and potentially at risk parts of the world, employees in an important part of the country in the region had to change and adapt to the new reality of maintaining social distance and working from home very quickly. While initially everyone is more than happy with a 180 degree shift in their work-life balance, it can hamper productivity, creativity, and even health (especially back and vision fatigue) afterwards. of a few weeks.

Realizing this and the urgent need to create a more conducive home working environment for everyone, our marketing team launched a digital initiative in which we began to communicate tips, tricks and healthy habits to keep in mind during this lock and recommend some of our Products very appropriate for this situation, such as ergonomic (VG2755) and elegant (VX2776) monitors that are perfectly suited for use at home and office.

Additionally, to encourage closure entertainment, we’ve been promoting our products that are perfect for this purpose: our M1 +, M1, M1mini and M2 portable projectors that are designed to create a “Work and Play” lifestyle at home. . Each of these satisfies the different types of requirements that users may have and can choose accordingly.

Distance education has become the new method of schooling during the closure of COVID 19. How are your solutions allowing better distance learning and teaching for schools and students?

As a stakeholder in the education sector, we wanted to support schools, educators, students, and parents in the MEA region during this unfortunate and unforeseen crisis. We have extended our support to all the parties mentioned above by offering them our valuable distance learning tool myViewBoard, completely free of charge. This has been made available to all schools and universities in the MEA region for the time being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making the appropriate updates for each situation in the distance learning tools was not easy for our team and engineers, as they had to be done with an extremely short notice. However, we are proud to say that the team was incredibly successful in delivering a professional educational tool that is serving teachers and students well with its commitments, interactive features, and a friendly user interface during this pandemic. We have taken into account the smallest needs of the classrooms to try to give that feeling and experience to teachers and students alike with features like one-way camera, snuggling, raising your hand “to participate”, push to talk, whiteboard along with all the Existing features that are already there as part of the myViewBoard software.

Also, since myViewboard software has been around for a long time, it can also be used through other calling applications like Zoom / Team. It also incorporates a web-based virtual distance learning classroom and live streaming for distance learning via Facebook and YouTube. Many schools and universities are making great use of this tool, and those who don’t yet can still sign up for free and try the interactive academic tools it offers.

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How has ViewSonic’s business changed from being a product entity to becoming a provider of visual solutions that has proven to be beneficial during this time?

Being a big part of the education and flat panel sector has dramatically increased our focus now on distance learning and work-from-home solutions. By providing interactive flat panels ViewBoard (IFP70 / 50/30 series) and the myViewboard tool, which is whiteboard software that can run on Android and Microsoft, our position has been strengthened during this time when academic institutions are doing their best to teach classes remotely

Likewise, by providing different monitors that incorporate all individual and business needs when it comes to working remotely, from standard users, intensive users, elegant to professional users, our position has become even stronger with companies during this period of work from home. Finally, we are also experiencing increasing interest in our entertainment solutions that include portable smart projectors (M series) to create home theater experiences with built-in Harman Kardon speakers, smart stands, and many other unique features, and includes gaming monitors such as the XG270 and XG2405.

Digital transformation has been a crucial driver in facilitating remote work. What are the tools that your entity has adopted during this crisis to be better equipped to handle the workload?

We use a wide variety of practical tools to help everyone work from home. While some practices like online meetings are standard across all entities operating during this time, other practices like Demos and Webinars help us incorporate and retain business even further. Our partner webinars and live demo for end users have been so successful that in just two and a half months we have conducted over 45 webinars that have seen over 500 attendees.

We are also continually increasing our focus on digital campaigns and social media communications to keep in touch with our customers during these stressful and difficult times, especially as we have products that can help them have a much better home experience for work, learn and entertainment. Due to the strong mindset of our Dubai team, we managed to configure and launch our products on popular e-commerce sites in UAE like Amazon & Microless, and on KSA with Extra / Amazon / Noon, and we will be available on More sites soon .

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting ViewSonic’s future outlook and plans?

While this is an unimaginably unfortunate and protracted situation for all companies, from the beginning we decided that we will have a positive outlook and work to find and implement practical solutions during the pandemic and its consequences. The channels to deliver our solutions are changing, not our exemplary skills to reach more people who need them.

With this in mind, we are very focused on providing customers with impressive, engaging, and improved solutions for work from home, study from home, home teaching, and home entertainment that will make life easier for them. . Subsequently, our business will prosper as more and more users “see the difference” with ViewSonic solutions. With that in mind, we plan to enter new markets in Africa as we have full faith in the UAE government and leadership and hope to be able to forget this pandemic soon.

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