Video: Here’s how to create your own WWDC-style MacBook Memoji with stickers


As shown above, Apple’s artwork for WWDC this year features various Memoji designs hidden behind MacBooks. A new video today from The technological rabbi Guides you through the process of making your own Memoji + MacBook character with customizable stickers.

The process focuses on using the Adobe Spark Post iPhone app, which you can download for free. Once you have your Memoji from the Messages app on your iPhone, The technological rabbi suggests using the Clean PNG website to save the images you want to use as transparent stickers.

Once you do that, simply import all the images you saved from Clean PNG into Adobe Spark, and then you can easily place them around the lid of your Memoji MacBook. Watch the full video below for a detailed step-by-step guide to the process.

While we already knew this year’s WWDC would be virtual, Apple announced last week that the festivities will begin on June 22. Developers will be able to follow the Apple app or developer website. We also learned new details about the Student Swift Challenge:

Show your love of coding by creating an amazing Swift playground on your chosen theme. Winners will receive an exclusive WWDC20 jacket and pin set. This challenge is open to students from all over the world.

Submissions for the Swift Challenge must be submitted by May 17 and the full rules can be found here.

Did you create your own MacBook Memoji with stickers? If so, share your creation in the comments!

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