Vera Wang celebrates 71st birthday and LGBTQ Pride

Vera Wang celebrates her 71st birthday today!

The fashion designer shared a series of photos on her Instagram to celebrate the occasion. She shared a photo of her 69th birthday in 2018, including birthday cakes shaped like croissants, hot dogs, and takeaway containers.

“2018. Bday Some of my favorite things … Cakes galore …” captioned the plugin.

The fashion designer shared another fun photo for her birthday, posting a pre-social distance photo with two friends kissing the cheek of an illustrated birthday girl’s mask.

“Another special birthday … this one caught me by surprise!” she wrote. “Precooked world. No social distancing even with a mask!

Before turning 71, Wang showed off her rainbow manicure in a series of photos to support Pride Month and the fifth anniversary of marriage equality on June 26. The designer donned a sports bra and coordinating leggings to show off her toned figure.

“PRIDE Workout” simply captioned the post.

Wang made headlines in May for a set of age-defying photos he shared wearing a sports bra and a pair of white denim shorts. Her sculpted abs and arms were on display, leaving everyone wondering where she found the fountain of youth and how they can get there as well.

In another post, Wang had her legs toned on display as she modeled an orange pleated dress with black satin shorts and stiletto boots.

Your secret?

“Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail and not much sun,” Wang replied to a fan who asked how she did it.

Another fan commented, “I want whatever @VeraWang is drinking,” to which Wang replied, “Diet @ CocaCola … favorite.”

In 2016, Wang revealed his routine to Harper’s Bazaar, detailing a typical day in his life.

“So I usually lift weights, not much, two pounds and three pounds,” he said, detailing his favorite exercise after breakfast. “It takes me a total of five minutes. I’ve also started trying to meditate, which is the hardest thing I’ve learned.”

For her diet, the designer said she never misses a meal in order to feed her brain. She opts for brown rice and vegetables, chicken and rice, or an artichoke salad for her lunches.

She has a weakness: chips.

“We have a candy pantry, a cereal pantry and a pantry for what I call” orange food “—Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, all kinds of potato chips,” he said.

Regardless of her regimen, the iconic designer looks and feels fabulous at age 71!