Valorant’s new agent Killjoy mocked by Riot on Twitter

ValorantThe next season will begin around August 4, the exact date is still unknown, and Riot is already bothering the new Agent who will probably come with him. The first teaser for the new Agent came through a cryptic tweet with a short message and some images.

The message of the tweet is the phrase “who is she”, in German, probably a very good clue as to what to expect from the new agent. As for the images, it seems that piracy will be a central part of their identity, thanks to the two images of a computer and a keyboard.

Looking at the other two images, it looks like they could be skill clues. One is a small robot on wheels, which is probably looking for enemies. The other image closely resembles a turret.

All of these suggestions seem to line up pretty well with recent leaks from a German character named Killjoy who can put automatic turrets around the map, but we’ll have to wait for Riot’s official reveal to be sure. Whoever the new Agent is is likely to be released along Valorant Act 2, which should start sometime next week.