Valorant Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Spray Patterns for Each Weapon


Here are some general tips for succeeding in Riot Games ’competitive shooter.


Riot Games ’ Valorant is quite the competitive experience and can be tough to get into, even for seasoned multiplayer shooter fans. With Agents having different abilities, weapons having different spray patterns and the general movement of the game being more slow-paced, there’s a bit to keep track. Worry not, however – we have some general tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing.

The first is to get acquainted with the game’s basic movement and objectives. The Practice Range offers ample opportunity for those and even lets you face off against AI bots. Furthermore, you can check the spray pattern of various weapons and their damage. Check out Qwixzo’s video below for more details on each weapon’s unique spray pattern. You can also test out each weapon’s ADS speed, spray patterns and firing modes to get comfortable with them.

Before you get to learning the different Agents and which guns work best for you, learn the maps. Map knowledge in multiplayer titles is always king and knowing the best spots and flanking routes is pivotal to victory. As for the Agents and the different roles that need to be filled, check out our guide here.

First off, don’t go rushing into gunfights. Take things slow – the speed of ValorantMovement s movement and engages favors this anyway. Keep checking your corners and use that map knowledge to determine the best lines of sight for an enemy to engage from. Ping different positions and communicate with your team as well – since this is a team game, communicating with your team is of utmost importance.

When buying items, opt for Light Armor early on. It’s only $ 400 but will give you 25 additional hit points. Head shots are lethal, more often than not, so it helps to not pick up Heavy Armor all the time. Start out buying simple weapons in the early rounds and gradually move up to better weapons as you accrue more money. Your money will reset in Round 12, which is also when sides are swapped, so don’t hoard it all the time. Don’t be afraid to request items from teammates and offer the same in return.

Learn the ins and outs of what each Agent’s abilities can do. Know how to cover chokes, use proper recon to find foes and when to throw out explosives or smoke grenades. Each Agent has their own strengths and weaknesses. How these can be exploited on each map, while also best adapting to the strategies that your team and the enemy present, is key. Also, most importantly, don’t be afraid to unleash your Ultimate for a kill or two. Oftentimes, those can be the difference in whether you win a round or not.

It’s also worth noting that there are plenty of options for editing one’s crosshair. Look for the tab in the Options menu and find the best settings for you. The indicator will even change in real-time to reflect the changes made.