US coronavirus: Hospitals are already overflowing. Holiday rallies are now taking effect in some states

That is More serious records were admitted to the hospital on Monday, with more than 128,200 Covid-19 patients, according to Covid Tracking Project. But some states are being warned that the worst could happen yet.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said the state “had more patients with covid in the ICU bed last weekend than at any other time during this epidemic.”

And he expects “some very large numbers of backlogs and tests and reports that may have occurred over the last 10 days to spread from the holiday gathering together.”

After a particularly fatal day celebration in New York, Governav. Andrew Cuomo said Monday saw a boom following recent social gatherings.

“It is clear that the increase during the holidays has led to an increase in infection rates and an increase in the number of people who are now going to hospitals,” the governor said. The governor said.

In California – where there are zero ICU beds left in at least two regions – the infection continues to grow.

“We’re moving towards what we expect as a surge to the top of the surplus,” Governor Gavin News told a news conference on Monday. “It’s putting a lot of pressure on hospitals and I see him coming out of the holidays.”

This is exactly what happened after the New Year. Weeks ago, Los Angeles officials said part of the increase in the number of infected and hospitalized patients was due to the Thanksgiving gathering. Now, they asked residents to do their part to avoid overcrowding.
“If we fail to use the tools currently available, our frontline health care workers, now caring for a large number of Kovid-19 patients, will face a growing number of patients and many more weeks of heartbreaking loss,” the Los Angeles County public said. Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement Monday.
The medical director of the intensive care unit, Dr.  On January 3, 2021, Thomas Yedger walked into a makeshift emergency room in a parking garage at Providence Cedar-Sinai Terz Medical Center in Tarzana, California.

Million. million million vaccine doses

Meanwhile, vaccinations are ongoing – but experts say it may not be possible until a few months have elapsed enough to have any meaningful effect during the epidemic.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 15.4 million doses have been distributed and about 4.5 million have been administered.

That means the U.S. Less than 30% of the vaccine dose delivered is given. And so far only four states have given them half of the shared vaccine dose: Connecticut, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee, according to CDC data. Meanwhile, in dozens of other states, less than a quarter of the shared dose is given.

The governor of New York wants to make it a crime to sell or carry the Covid-19 vaccine.

When asked about the difference between how vaccine doses are distributed and how they are administered, Monsef Sloy, chief scientific adviser at Operation Operation Speed, said “nothing went wrong”, adding that it was indeed the responsibility of states to carry vaccines. Is.

“We agree that there is a gap,” Slow told CNN. “We are available and ready to help states because they need special help.”

While some states have acknowledged on-ground issues that have contributed to delays in vaccination, many have said for months that they need more federal funding to implement vaccine-rollout plans.

In Kentucky, Gov. Andy Basheer said Monday that he is “not well” with the pace at which vaccinations are being administered in the state.

“We need to move fast,” he said. “We need to get the vaccine already to move fast. We need our partners in long-term care to move fast.”

“Mississippi is moving at a slower pace, and it’s getting slower across the country than any of us would like,” Reeves said in Mississippi.

“But it’s ongoing,” he said. “It’s been fast. And we just need to step on the gas.”

According to one study, giving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to more individuals instead of stopping the supply available for a second dose could reduce the number of new cases. U.S. The government withholds half of the vaccine supply currently available, distributing it to states and other jurisdictions weeks later, which will be given second place in the two-dose series.

But, by reducing the amount invested for the first three weeks and providing a consistent dose of six million doses per week, the U.S. A further 29% of cases can be avoided in eight weeks, the study found.

Experts say half a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is a ‘terrible idea’

To help speed up vaccination, Slow said the U.S. would probably start giving people half the dose of the modern vaccine to people aged 18 to 55 – which could make the vaccine available to twice as many people in this age group.

The decision, Sloui said, is ultimately in the hands of the Food and Drug Administration.

Police say Wisconsin pharmacists who left the vials believe the vaccine could harm people and alter their DNA.
But anyone who has received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine must get both doses, two top FDA officials said Monday. They said people who are speculating about the possibility of doing with just one dose are misinterpreting the data.

“We are following discussions and news reports about reducing the number of doses, increasing the time between doses, changing doses (half doses), or mixing and matching vaccines to make more people immune to COVID-19,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Step. Stephen Hahn and Dr. Peter, director of the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Peter Marks said in a statement.

The FDA says people need both doses of the coronavirus vaccine

“At this time, it is premature to prescribe FDA-authorized dosing or a change in the schedule of this vaccine and is not entirely rooted in the available evidence. Without proper data supporting such changes in vaccine administration, we run a significant risk to public health., From COVID-19 The vaccine undermines the population’s historic vaccination efforts, “he added.

A member of the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee called the half-dose a “terrible idea.”

“There are no data on the effectiveness of half a dose. If you use half a dose, you can only prepare it. You can only hope that you are right,” said Dr. Paul Paul Fitte. “Why dare you create something when you don’t know if it works or not?”

CNN’s Gisela Crespo, Maggie Fox, Didre McPhillips, Michael Nedelman, Sanjay Gupta, Rebecca Rise, Pete Munten, Naomi Thomas, Greg Wallace and Christina Sigglia contributed to the report.