UK woman attacked by deer after trying to feed animals during rooting season

This can be a little closer to comfort.

A woman in Richmond Park in London was attacked by a deer on Sunday while she tried to feed an animal during the root season.

National news and tabloid outlets further stated that the woman was trying to take a selfie with the deer at the time of the incident.

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News of the incident was first shared on Twitter by Royal Parks Police, who shared a photo of a woman in a blue summer dress, standing in the field with a deer straight behind her, seen pushing her. The tweet has since been removed, although screenshots have been shared on social media.

“This picture was taken on October 11th [Richmond Park] Show why you need [stay 50 meters away], “Royal Parks reads the original tweet of the police.” They are wild animals and can hurt you. The post also had a hashtag titled “We are not Bambi”, referring to the wild nature of deer.

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Richmond Park’s park manager, Simon Richards, confirmed to Fox News that the woman jumped after “getting too close”.

“We were informed by eyewitnesses that she was feeding the deer before the incident. We understand that the woman is not seriously injured and we hope she is OK,” Richards wrote in a statement shared with Fox News. Wrote in a statement shared with News.

“This incident is a powerful warning that deer are wild and unpredictable animals and a distance of at least -0-meters should always be adhered to. This is especially important because we are in the middle of rooting causes, while male deer are overwhelmed with testosterone and adrenaline, “he added.” It is also important to emphasize that deer do not need to take food from the public. Both Richmond and Bushy Parks offer. Adequate natural food for deer that suits their nutritional needs. By feeding the deer you will do them more harm then good, and at the same time put yourself in unnecessary danger. “

Meanwhile, the woman in the photo was mocked online for being close to the animal.

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On Instagram, Royal Parks (which oversees Richards Park) issued a similar warning to visitors: “During deer breaches at Bushy and Richmond Parks, a strip will be above 25 stones (350 pounds) and there will be sharp entrances.” Hitting a knot traveling at the speed of an hour is like hitting a motorbike. “

The Instagram post also featured a photo of a different woman who appears to have gone close to a deer for a photo.

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Guests are always advised to stay away from wild animals, but park officials remind guests to be extra careful during the rat or mating season.

“There have been incidents over the years where visitors have had deer injuries while roaming that can be avoided. In 2018, a young woman who was photographing next to a routing stage was injured in Bushy Park, and a visitor was hospitalized in Richmond Park last year with male deer injuries. Almost all events occur when the recommended people come closer than 0 meters. “Read the website for Parks.

Richmond and Bushy parks have more than 1,000 free-roaming deer.