UHS: Large hospital system fighting to recover computer network operation after cybertech

“We are making steady progress with recovery efforts,” the Pennsylvania-based company said in a statement late Tuesday. “Some applications have already begun to re-emerge on an online basis, with others expected to be re-established on a rolling basis in the US.”
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The company said it “experienced an information technology security incident early in the morning of September 27, 2020,” which resulted in the closure of its entire computer network, affecting patient data, laboratory systems and clinical information.

“Patient care continues to be delivered safely and effectively,” the company said in a statement, adding that at the moment “there is no evidence that patient or employee data has been accessed, chipped or misused.”

Affected by the attack, a cardiologist from UHS Acute Care Hospital, George and Washington University Medical Center, Dr. Jonathan Rainer told CNN that it could take several days to reset the system.
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“They all actively took down their entire network to keep the network safe when they detected the attack and they are thus using the downtime protocol to safely maintain clinical operations, while they are slowly bringing up the systems online online. . “

In the meantime, he said it was a “big deal.”

Rainer said the affected facilities are back to using manual systems, which was once the norm, so patient safety is not a problem at all. “But that’s a big deal. It’s a big deal,” he repeated.

He said he had to cancel several surgical procedures on Tuesday, adding that “it is more difficult to track patient data.”

The UHS said in a statement that its features were using “established back-up procedures, including methods of offline flight documentation” – i.e. pen and paper.