UFC: Josh Emmett lists knee injuries sustained in victory against Shane Burgos

How can you walk after something like this?

Josh Emmett earned a compelling unanimous decision victory over Shane Burgos at Saturday’s UFC event in Las Vegas. It was made even more impressive by what Emmett revealed on Monday.

The fight really made a number on Emmett’s knee. He tweeted a list of the five injuries he sustained, including a complete break in his ACL.

The crazy thing is that Emmett knew he had broken his ACL just 15 seconds after the fight. He said this during his post-fight interview.

The injury forced Emmett to change his game plan for the fight, he told ESPN. Emmett told Damon Martin of MMAFighting.com that he couldn’t put any weight on his butt knee.

And yet, it lasted all three five-minute rounds and performed well enough to secure a decisive victory over Burgos.

Incredibly, Emmett’s manager told MMAFighting.com that he can try to recover from the injury without surgery. I mean, if he won a fight immediately after breaking his knee, maybe the ACLs are overrated.

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