UF confirms that 11 student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19

GAINESVILLE, Florida – The University of Florida Athletic Association has confirmed that 11 student athletes from various sports teams have tested positive for COVID-19.

A statement from spokesman Steve McClain read:

“Since April, we have had a total of 11 student athletes from several of our teams who tested positive. As we have said before, we will have positive tests and with the guidance of UF Health, we feel we are well positioned to handle those cases.”

A source informed Swamp247 that five to six soccer players are being quarantined as a precautionary measure to prevent a possible spread of the virus.

Florida has long been aware that it would likely have to deal with positive cases after the soccer team was cleared to return to campus on May 26. Various plans had been established prior to the team’s return to campus to ensure that such outbreaks remain as contained as possible.

“If there is anything positive, there is a tracking program they have to go through UF Health,” associate director of athletics David Werner He said recently on a Zoom conference call. “We are trying to keep our positives down, obviously. What we have done to help that, all of our staff are screened and evaluated for COVID-19, as well as our athletes. Our staff, our coaches, athletic force coaches, anyone Being in the presence of our athletes has gone through the same tests and the same education as our players. Obviously, student athletes have gone through the COVID-19 test before they were allowed to enter our facilities.

“The entire staff is masked. This is a key area for us that we are trying to enforce. You have heard all this time, do they work (masks), don’t they work? Well, they work. At this point right now, we keep everyone wearing masks. If you were to watch our training, you would see everyone in the building wearing masks other than our student athletes (while exercising). That’s important. That’s really important. My two cents to all of you at the call, if you can wear a mask, you are protecting yourself and you are protecting the people around you. “

It is unclear how many of the 11 positive test results come from Gainesville student athletes compared to those who have returned. Previously, UF had indicated that of 87 soccer players evaluated, 80 had returned negative results, while seven results were still pending.

Florida had also previously announced that two non-soccer student athletes had tested positive, one in April and one that was an out-of-state and off-campus athlete.

Regardless, with the positive cases now confirmed within the athletic department, everyone at UF is moving forward taking all the proper precautions.

“I am proud of the responsibility that our boys have had or what they have assumed when trying to follow all the rules of social distancing that we do and how to learn,” said the coach. Dan mullen he said last week. “I think a great thing as a society right now, we have learned how to better protect ourselves and others in the environment we are in today, so I am proud of our guys for paying attention to that to do that.”