Ubisoft to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and rampant harassment

Ubisoft has released a general statement covering a number of allegations against multiple current and past employees, saying it has partnered with an outside consultant to address allegations of abuse, assault and racism.

As the allegations have continued to surface in the gaming industry this week, Ubisoft in particular has come up time and time again.

Today’s statement outlines the general actions the company will take to address what appears to be an endemic problem within the publisher. The full statement says:

“Regarding the recent allegations made against certain members of the Ubisoft team: We want to start by apologizing to everyone affected by this, we are truly sorry. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe environment for our teams, players and communities. It is clear we have fallen short in the past, we must do better.

“We started by initiating investigations into the complaints with the support of specialized outside consultants. Based on the results, we are fully committed to taking all appropriate disciplinary action. As these investigations are ongoing, we are unable to comment further. We are also auditing our policies , processes and systems in place to understand where they have fallen apart and to ensure that we can better prevent, detect and sanction inappropriate behavior.

“We will share additional measures that we will implement with our teams in the coming days. Our goal is to foster an environment that our employees, partners and communities can be proud of, one that reflects our values ​​and is safe for everyone.”

This is also the statement Gamasutra received in response to a previous email for more details on the allegations earlier this week. Although asked, Ubisoft did not specifically respond to what is being done in response to allegations against Ubisoft Vice President of Publishing, Maxime Beland, nor to cases of harassment within the community development team, allegations of sexual assault against the Ubisoft Massive director Antoine Emond, and the allegations of racism, homophobia and sexism specifically at Ubisoft Sofia.