Ubisoft places multiple employees on leave after allegations of misconduct

Multiple employees at Ubisoft, including two executives, were placed on administrative leave while the company conducts a corporate investigation after allegations of professional misconduct, Bloomberg reports.

The two licensed executives are Tommy François and Maxime Béland, two employees who serve as vice presidents in a division that oversees the worldwide development of the company’s games, Bloomberg reports. Both men face numerous allegations that emerged after several accusers appeared on Twitter.

In the past week, the video game industry has faced a #MeToo calculation with a torrent of stories on social media. Many in the Twitch and YouTube creator spaces, as well as employees of major game developers and publishers, have communicated online about abuse, sexual harassment, and other misconduct at the hands of high-ranking employees while working at the industry.

Many complaints have been made against various Ubisoft employees, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Creative director Ashraf Ismail, who recently stepped down from his role in the game and took a leave of absence after allegations of sexual misconduct with fans surfaced online. In response to multiple allegations made against several of its employees, Ubisoft announced in a statement last night that it would launch investigations. The company has also brought in outside consultants as part of its investigation of abuse and intimidation.