U.S. Coronavirus: U.S. In the Covid-19 case has begun to re-emerge. The head of the CDC says small domestic gatherings are helping to increase

U.S. Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Ro. “In the public sector, we are seeing high levels of vigilance and redress in many jurisdictions,” Robert Redfield said during a meeting with the country’s governors on Tuesday. The call was obtained by NDO CNN.

“But what we’re seeing now as a growing threat is really getting infected through small household gatherings,” Redfield said. “Especially with Thanksgiving, we think it’s really important to emphasize the vigilance of these ongoing reduction measures in home configuration.”

White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birks echoed Redfield’s warning last week, urging Americans not to gather with close friends and family and put down their guards during the holidays, which they think may be virus-free.

This is especially important as college students begin to return home. Experts warn that young students, who do not always show mild or no symptoms, may contribute to the spread of the virus by infecting their parents, who may be infected in their home and other parts of the community.

U.S. The warning comes as experts see early signs of what to say, as the healthcare system will sink and kill thousands more Americans in the coming months. Dr. Hunthoney Fawcett said this week that the case is likely to recur in regions across the country at the positive rate of the Covid-1 test.

“You want to see them less than 3%, at best 1% or less,” he said at an event hosted by American Legal Pathologists.

“We’re starting to see a lot of states over it, which often – in fact, always – is very predictable of a resurgence of cases, which historically we know leads to hospitalization and eventually an increase in mortality. “

U.S. Average daily new infections of

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the country is experiencing an average of more than 49,000,000 new infections each day, an increase of 1% over the previous week.

In Utah, Gov. Gary Herbert Said The state was “facing its worst episode yet in this epidemic” and announced a new Covid-19 surveillance system for counties.
Nashville officials investigating a religious concert that lacked a permit and drew thousands without masks
“We are using 15.8% of our ICU beds to treat COVID-19 patients, more than double what we had before, and our total ICU usage is 69.6%,” the governor said in a statement. On tuesday To tweet “This certainly brings our hospitals closer to being unable to treat covid and non-covid patients with serious treatment needs.”

In Wisconsin, where hospital admissions have tripled in the past month, the governor said residents should make every effort to control the virus and prevent the state’s healthcare system from sinking.

A public health official in Washington state has warned of a dramatic increase in cases.

Seattle and King County Public Health Agency Health Officer Dr. “We’ve been reporting more than 140 cases every day in the last week,” said Jeff Duchin. “This is more than double what we saw at the end of September.”

Prompt restrictions in rising cases

Some local leaders have pushed for new measures following the increase in cases. Oklahoma City leaders extended the local mask ordinance until at least Dec. 7 amid admissions to Covid-19 Hospital, health officials said.

Heather Yagdan Dipur, director of the regional medical response system, told CNN that the city was currently in a booming environment and hospitals were running out of equipment, space and staff. Incoming patients.

Michigan Supreme Court rules against governor again, overturns executive orders of Covid-19

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lugan Grisham on Tuesday announced a number of restrictions to curb the spread of the virus amid a worrying increase in cases in the state.

“When the spread of the community virus becomes uncontrollable – and we are rapidly reaching that stage – our only option is to simply close those opportunities for the virus,” the governor said in a statement. The governor said in a statement.

Bars and restaurants serving alcohol will have to close by 10pm starting Friday and mass gatherings will be limited to five people.

“Rollbacks will mean more economic unrest in our state for many workers and business owners who have suffered and sacrificed so much,” the governor said. “But our only chance is to prevent a more devastating disease and save lives.”

Fau Ki: Vaccine development ‘on really good track’

Despite news that a trial of the second Covid-1 vaccine has taken place this week, Fossi said during a call to governors on Tuesday that efforts to develop the vaccine were “on a really good track”.

“Some vaccines are very close to getting some kind of information,” he said, according to an audio recording obtained by CNN.

Pfizer will begin testing its Covid-19 vaccine in children younger than 12 years

U.S. health officials should know by November or December whether the vaccine is safe and effective, Fawcett added, adding that “it is conceivable that we would have known it before.”

When a vaccine is considered safe, experts say, U.S. Before it becomes widely available to the public, it must first be distributed to healthcare workers and the vulnerable.

During the call, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar reminded that the CDC has their next deadline to provide a vaccine distribution plan.

“We would like to keep in touch with your CDC liaison during this process as we reach the deadline to submit the vaccine distribution plan to the CDC this Friday, October 16,” Azar said.

CNN’s Amanda Watts, Andy Rose, Betsy Klein, Kay Jones, Lure Ren Muscarenhas and Jane Selva contributed to the report.