U.S. 277,000 Covid-19 cases reported in 24 hours, a new record

U.S.  277,000 covid cases reported in 247 hours, a new record

U.S. A total of 20.4 million cases have been reported in India and only under 350,000 deaths have been reported. (AFP)

Washington Washington:

The United States had the highest number of coronavirus cases at more than 277,000 in a single day on Saturday.

The United States, the world’s worst-affected country by the epidemic, reported a total of 20.4 million cases, with only 1,000 deaths.

U.S. Top U.S. Government scientist Anthony Fauci warned just days after Christmas that holiday travel had taken the country to a “critical point” in spreading the virus.


Attempts have been made to curb Covid-19 in the country with a vaccination program by hospitals with logistical problems and overcrowding.

U.S. More than 4.5 million people have got jobs before, including 1. One million doses have been distributed, but it lags behind the 20 million inoculation promised by President Donald Trump’s administration by the end of 2020.