Twitter is in its second 1 billion quarter, sending the stock to a 52-week high

Twitter Inc. It posted its second 1 billion quarter on Tuesday, sending its shares up nearly 4% in subsequent trading to a 52-week high.

Twitter TWTR,
+ 2.87%
Analysts at Factset said the stock had a net income of 22 222 million, or 29 cents, against expectations of 29 cents. (Adjusted earnings accounted for 38 cents.) Twitter’s revenue jumped 28% to 29 1.29 billion, beating the consensus estimate of 1. 1.18 billion.

Ned Segal, Twitter’s chief financial officer, said in a statement announcing the results: “We had a record revenue of ૨૨ 1.5 billion in Q1 in the year 2001, reflecting better than expected performance across all major products and geographic locations.”

Monetizable daily active users (MDAUs), the main indicator of Twitter’s reach and its appeal to advertisers, increased by 27%, year-over-year, to 192 million. However, it fell short of the 193.5 million expected by analysts at Factset and angered investors.

MDAU’s growth has been significant since former President Donald Trump was ousted from the microblogging platform last month, where it has commanded its largest followers (about 89 million).

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Updated iOS 14, including Twitter, Facebook Inc. Includes advanced privacy settings for third-party applications by FB
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And others. All five companies have expressed misunderstandings about what it means for future ad sales.

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With iOS 14, we expect total revenue to grow faster than costs
In 2021, “Twitter said in a letter to shareholders, in which the company forecasts sales of 9 40,940 million and 0 1.04 billion in the current first quarter.” How fast our direct response will depend on the roadmap and our execution on macroeconomic factors. ”

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While the ad quarter historian has historically been the strongest for ad publishers, and Twitter has performed well, Forrester analyst Jessica Liu told MarketWatch that she is concerned about the company’s long-term prospects because “it doesn’t seem to have any specific vision or purpose.”

“If a company can specify whether it wants to be a news feed or an open forum or something else, it can reduce its number of moves under the clear ‘North Star’ and give it many policy changes, acquisitions, experiments and new references. Can. Feature / function rollouts, ”Liu said.

Shares of Twitter have risen 68% in the last 12 months. S&P 500 Index SPX,
An increase of 16.5% over the previous year.