Twitch offers a statement on Streamer’s allegations after the blackout

Update 6/26: Following up on a promise earlier this week to start distributing suspensions, Twitch has banned several Twitch streamers who have been accused of sexual abuse. In what appears to be an apparently unrelated action, DrDisrespect has also been banned, but no reason has been publicly given. The ban appears to be permanent and has not spoken publicly since the ban was made. He was previously suspended in 2019.

Update 6/24: Twitch has released a new statement about current investigations into Twitch streamers accused of sexual harassment and abuse. “We are reviewing each case that has come to light as quickly as possible while ensuring adequate due diligence as we evaluate these serious allegations,” the statement read. “We have prioritized the most serious cases and will begin issuing permanent suspensions based on our findings immediately.”

A selection of Twitch transmitters stopped broadcasting for 24 hours in protest at Twitch’s lack of movement on the subject. This includes Ray Fisher, who posted on his Twitter that he had been called racial slurs while playing and wanted reform in the gaming community.

Twitch notes that they are seeking more information in cases where the incident occurred outside of a Twitch-related event, and in other cases “should report the case to appropriate authorities who are better placed to conduct a more thorough investigation.” . “They encourage anyone affected to use the confidential reporting tools on each transmitter’s channel page.

“We are also committed to continuing our efforts to make Twitch a safer environment with more tools to combat harassment and hate,” the statement continues. “We have work in progress that includes a review of our Hateful Conduct and Harassment policies, improved offensive username detection, improvements to AutoMod and our Banned Words list, and other projects focused on reducing harassment and hateful conduct” .

“We recognize that we cannot address the pervasive issues in games and the broader Internet communities, but we take our responsibility as a service to our community seriously,” the statement continues. “We will continue to evaluate allegations against Twitch affiliates and explore ways that Twitch can collaborate with other industry leaders on this important issue.”

New reports continue to come in against numerous Twitch streamers. As of writing, there is no acknowledgment of the allegations against many of the Twitch streamers on the site’s home page.

The original story continues.

Games could no longer be said to be having a #metoo moment, but rather a continuous #metoo movement. Amid a new wave of accusations appearing on social media, those who previously named their abusers are now demanding to know why platforms hosting known content from abusers have not acted to remove them, with Twitch at the center of the controversy. .

With multiple tweets claiming that Twitch received information on how some of its renowned partners are using that platform to abuse women, and chose not to act accordingly, streamers and fans asked Twitch and its CEO, Emmett Shear, to give a step forward.

Shear has now shared an internal Twitch email sent out on the matter, while Twitch has released an official statement, but some don’t believe the statement is enough.

Now, people are asking for a Twitch blackout to occur on Wednesday the 24th, asking streamers to stay off Twitch for 24 hours.

Others go further by committing to cancel their ongoing Twitch subscriptions and donate directly to streamers, without giving Twitch money through subscriptions or bits.

While the movement focuses on allegations that Twitch partners and affiliates have used their position to abuse women, those involved are also concerned about the amount of racism, homophobia, and transphobia that is often not controlled by streamers from renown.

In the past, Twitch has banned the accounts of streamers whose abuse has been investigated and accused by authorities, such as Thomas Cheung, who was arrested after an undercover sting in Atlanta to catch predatory children. However, these punishments have not always been strict in all areas.

In December 2018, Australian broadcaster MrDeadMoth was arrested and charged with assault after appearing to attack his partner during a live Twitch broadcast. However, despite the arrest, MrDeadMoth was initially only given a 14-day suspension from Twitch, which was later lengthened in response to community protests.

Even when parts of the community call for a blackout, Twitch is certainly gearing up for an influx of new streamers after Microsoft announced the end of Mixer. Twitch has extended the olive branch to streamers who are left without a platform, with a tweet directed at the Mixer community.