Tusker Carlson responds to CDC after mask-wearing comment by agency

Fox News host Tucker Carlson fired at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday, after an agency spokesman said Tuesday night’s comment was “misleading” by the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

During his remarks, Carlson cited a study conducted by 11 medical institutes that analyzed a group of people who tested positive for coronavirus during the month of July. The study found that of those infected, more than 70% said they had been wearing a “always” mask for the previous 14 days. Another 14.4% said they wear masks “often”.

In a statement to Fox News on Wednesday, a CDC spokesperson wrote: “Social media postings citing table in MMWR, published September 11, 2020, indicate that the CVC’s face mask guidance is failing to prevent the spread of the virus. Indicated and still contracted COVID-19.

The statement added, “The CDC guidelines on masks clearly state that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others in the event that the mask wearer becomes infected.

Tucker Carlson: The cult of growth wearing masks

In response, Carlson said: “The spokesman did not dispute that we showed accurate data from the CDC, in which 85% of people who tested positive for coronavirus in July reported always or often wearing a mask.”

Carlsen said CDC director Robert Redfield told lawmakers last month that he could “say that this face mask is more reassuring to protect me against this attempt when I take the covid vaccine,” a clear contradiction. A spokesman’s claim about the agency’s guidance.

“Is this the CDC? Are they protecting us from this epidemic?” Asked Carles. “They don’t even know what their own director is saying.

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“But whatever you do, don’t ask public health experts.” “Facebook and Twitter and Google will shut you down. Just keep your mask on and follow it.”