Trump turns to Charles Harder to block the book that says everything from niece Mary Trump

The Trump family is not wasting time taking legal action against the President’s niece in an effort to stop publication of her soon-to-be-released book, and they have turned to powerful celebrity lawyer Charles Harder to do so, The Daily. Beast has learned.

A few days after Donald Trump said that Mary Trump “was not allowed” to write such a tome, citing a “very powerful” NDA that he had signed and that the President claimed “covers everything,” the President’s brother Robert S. Trump has filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the Queens County Substitute Court.

The news, first reported by The New York TimesIt was shared with The Daily Beast earlier in the day by two people familiar with the matter. A third person with knowledge of the situation said discussions with the President himself about what to “do with Mary”, both legally and from a public relations point of view, had been ongoing “for days.” According to The Times, the request for the order was filed with the Queens County Substitute Court, the same court that was the scene of a disorderly family legal fight in 2000 over the assets of Trump’s father, Fred, who eventually settled a year later. on Mary and her brother, also called Fred, signing a confidentiality agreement.

On Monday, Harder emailed Simon and Schuster’s attorney general, Veronica Jordan, saying that he was acting as a litigation attorney for Robert Trump. Citing a “violation of the Separation Agreement dated April 10, 2001,” Harder wrote that his client intends to “act immediately on a temporary restraining order in the Substitute Court in Queen County,” according to the email that The Daily Beast got.

The TRO application, signed by Harder, requires a lawsuit that prohibits Mary Trump and Simon and Schuster from “publishing any description or account of Mary L. Trump’s relationship” with Donald, Maryanne or Robert.

Harder did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Daily Beast.

For years, Harder has served as a personal attorney for members of the Trump family, including President Trump himself. Sources close to both men say that while Trump does not have a close relationship with Harder in the same way as with other outside attorneys, such as Jay Sekulow or Rudy Giuliani, the president values ​​Harder as a forceful legal instrument, particularly in his legal threats. and lawsuits against enemies in the media. Perhaps Harder’s most memorable and infamous legal achievement was taking down the Gawker news and gossip website. During his time in office, President Trump has recommended recommending close associates to hold Harder for his own legal disputes and intimidation, according to two people who have heard Trump do this.