Trump to give Nunes Medal of Freedom: Reports

President TrumpDonald Trump appeals court rejects Gohmart’s election lawsuit against Pence Kentucky governor and speaks of vandalism at McConnell’s home There are plans to give a rap. Devin NunesJudge Devin Gerald Nunes dismissed Nunes’ defamation suit against the Washington Post, saying the GOP put pressure on Pelosi on Swallowwell Sunday: Preview shows that U.S. The first dose of coronavirus vaccine is given out; More on congressional stimulus deals (R-Calif.) Presidential Medal Freedom, U.S. for Citizen. In the highest honor, W. Washington Post And The New York Times Reported on Sunday.

The president is expected to award the California Republican the Medal of Freedom on Monday, the newspaper quoted officials familiar with the plans as saying. Nunes has been a staunch ally and defender of Trump during his presidency.

Rip. Jim JordanJames (Jim) Daniel Jordansunde shows preview: Senate nominees braced for Georgia’s run for fuss Coronavirus vaccine continues to roll out by House chairman for McGann testimony on Sunday in the new year. (R-Ohio), another presidential supporter in the House, is also expected to receive the Independence Medal next week, according to newspapers, although those plans have not been finalized.

The Washington Post first reported that Nuns and Jordan are expected to receive medals in the final days of Trump’s presidency.

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge “exceptional contributions” to national security, world peace or cultural and other “significant” efforts. Previous presidents have awarded members of Congress the Medal of Freedom, but usually at the end of their public service careers or because they have nothing to do with their service to Congress, the Times noted.

Both Nunes and Jordan defended Trump during the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the House’s impeachment investigation in 2019 – probes labeled by Trump as “witch hunting.”

Both Republicans rallied behind the president, spreading unfavorable information about Justice Department investigators and strongly denouncing Democrats during a hearing on an investigation into an attempt to try to get Ukraine now elected president in an effort to ease the pressure on Trump to investigate. JB BidenBiden appeals court rejects Gohmert’s election claim against Pence Rome: plan to challenge election by ‘dangerously’ threatening election.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. The White House’s official facial schedule, released Monday, did not include an awards ceremony for Nunes, although it could be added later.

Trump introduced the idea of ​​awarding the Freedom Medal to Nunes during an October 2018 interview with Fox & Friends when he served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Initially, Trump proposed to give the delegate the Medal of Honor, which is awarded only for acts of military bravery, before correcting himself and qualifying Nunes with the Medal of Freedom.

“The one he’s going through, and his bravery, he should get a very important medal,” Trump said.