Trump says violence in Chicago is “worse than Afghanistan”

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Donald Trump claimed that some of the largest cities in the United States have more extreme levels of violence than troubled nations like Afghanistan and Honduras.

Speaking to Sean Hannity of Fox News on Thursday, Donald Trump snubbed several of the largest cities in the United States, all run by Democrats.

Chicago is an example. It is, like, worse than Afghanistan. It is worse than, I should not say it because they are working with us: Honduras, Guatemala, everyone is working with us now … we have cities that are worse, in some cases much worse.

Take a look at Detroit, take a look at what’s happening in Oakland, take a look at what’s happening in Baltimore. And everyone gets mad when I say it, they say ‘oh, is that a racist statement?’ He is not a racist (sic).

“Frankly, the blacks come up to me and say ‘thank you, thank you sir for saying it.’ They want help. These cities, it’s like living in hell. “

Chicago recently saw 25 people killed and 85 gunshot wounds in one weekend, including his most violent day in six decades May 31. However, the number of murders in the city has decreased for three consecutive years.

Honduras, by contrast, has one of the higher murder rates from any country in the world, while the Afghan capital of Kabul continues to see major terrorist attacks on places of worship, public places and even maternity hospitals.

Trump has a history of lamenting the conditions found in the poorest areas of major American cities; In his inaugural address, he infamously described the “American butchery” found across the country, with families and children affected by urban decline.

Chicago, however, has been a particular target for its disdain since its presidential campaign, when it repeatedly described the city as a “living hell” for minorities.

Not long after his inauguration, he threatened “send to the feds“To resolve the violence there. But he didn’t visit Chicago as president until 2019, when he said at a national police convention that the city” embarrassed us as a nation. “