Trump saw a vote by mail in a recently reappeared Access Hollywood video

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A Access Hollywood The 2004 video clip has reappeared showing President Donald Trump voting by mail, despite recently claiming that it leads to fraud.

In the segment that was filmed on the day of the 2004 presidential election, Trump was led through New York City with host Billy Bush, while trying to cast his vote.

Trump attempted to vote at three different voting centers that day, but was rejected from all due to a confusion of addresses on the forms submitted by his son, Donald Trump Jr, according to Law & Crime.

Trump was visibly upset as the day progressed, and after being rejected at a third polling place, he looked at the camera and said, “Well, I’m going to fill out the absentee ballot.”

The segment was then narrowed to Trump and Bush sitting in the limo that transported them through the city that day, as Trump filled out the form.

After completing it, he said, “And I just voted,” before taking the absentee ballot to the camera, adding, “At least you can say, the Trumpster is not giving up, right? You have to vote.”

After months of criticizing the vote by mail, the president told Fox News’ Chris Wallace last week that he might not accept a losing result in the November presidential election, because “the vote by mail is going to fix it.”

The week before, Trump also tweeted without proof: “Mail ballot fraud was found in many elections. People are now seeing how bad, dishonest, and slow it is.

“The election results could be delayed for months. No more responses to the big election night? 1 percent not even counted in 2016. Ridiculous! ”

In another tweet, he added: “Just a formula to FIX a choice. Absentee ballots are fine because you must go through a precise process to obtain your voting privilege. Not so with Mail-Ins. Choice rigged !!! 20 percent fraudulent ballots?

Although the president tried to make a distinction between absentee and mail ballots in his Twitter post, CNN reported that they are essentially the same.

David Becker, founder of the nonpartisan Center for Electoral Innovation and Research, said: “You request a ballot, receive a ballot, vote, send it, and there are protections in place.

“It doesn’t matter if you call it a vote by mail or absentee vote. Is the same.”

Trump has repeatedly spoken publicly against people being able to vote by mail in this year’s presidential election and has stated without evidence that it will cause a huge increase in voter fraud.

In May, the President falsely claimed that voting by mail will allow “thousands of fakes”, despite voting by mail in Florida in March for the Republican primaries.

Officials from the Democratic and Republican parties have called for mail voting to be implemented for the November presidential elections, due to logistical concerns about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, in May, the president tweeted: “The United States cannot have all the ballots in the mail. It will be the largest electoral election in history. ”

He then added, without citing any evidence, that “people take them from mailboxes, print thousands of forgeries and ‘force’ people to sign. In addition, they forge names.