Trump family asks court to block publication of niece’s book

President TrumpDonald John Trump South Korea criticizes Bolton’s book as ‘distorting reality’ of nuclear talks Democrats face tough questions with Bolton protesters trying to tear down Andrew Jackson statue near White House MOREThe family is asking a court to block publication of their niece’s revealing book, which is slated for next month.

The news of Mary Trump’s plans to publish “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” was first reported earlier this month by The daily beast, who said he had signed a confidentiality agreement (NDA) related to the liquidation of the assets of Fred Trump, the late brother of the President.

According to The New York TimesPresident Trump’s younger brother Robert Trump filed a request toTemporary restraining order Tuesday against the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster.

The book it is advertised as a “revealing and authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that created him.”

Mary Trump is expected to reveal that she was the Times’ source for her investigative coverage of the President’s finances.

Robert Trump said in a statement to the Times that he was “deeply disappointed” by his niece’s decision to write “Too much and never enough.”

“His attempt to sensationalize and mischaracterize our family relationship after all these years for his own financial gain is both a parody and an injustice to the memory of my late brother, Fred, and our dear parents,” he said. “I and the rest of my family are very proud of my wonderful brother, the President, and we feel that Mary’s actions are truly a disgrace.”

An attorney for Mary Trump told the Times that the Trump family “does not want the public to know the truth.”

In an interview with Axios released Sunday night the president said Mary Trump “It is not allowed” to publish a book about him and indicated that his team was surprised by the news.

The NDA, Donald Trump said, is “very powerful … It covers everything.”