Trump defends hydroxychloroquine at press conference after Twitter deleted video

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Donald Trump defended his controversial drug push that he says can treat the coronavirus, saying “many” doctors and medical workers agree.

“I was not making recommendations,” the president said during a coronavirus briefing about a tweet from a controversial doctor he shared overnight.

“They are recommendations from many people, including doctors. Many doctors think that hydroxychloroquine is extremely successful, along with zinc and perhaps azithromycin, “Trump said. “Some people don’t.”

He complained that the debate on those drugs has become “political”.

“I took it. I’m here,” he said of the hydroxychloroquine. “I think it works in the early stages.”

Medical experts and his own government have said there is no factual or scientific data to back up his claims.

He said “unidentified frontline medical workers … believe in it.”

“Some. Many,” he said.

The president ended his last briefing after about half an hour and just 11 minutes of questions from journalists.

When pressed by a CNN journalist with whom he had previously confronted him about that doctor’s beliefs about medical professionals making drugs from alien DNA, Trump left the briefing when another journalist tried to ask a question.

He announced that he is using the Defense Production Act to compel Kodak to produce active generic pharmaceutical ingredients, a job that he says will create 360 ​​new jobs in Rochester, New York.

Most of his initial comments focused on how his administration has worked to ensure that anti-Covid articles are made here, part of his “first American” philosophy.

Specifically, Trump said the United States was increasing national glove production by 1000 percent.

“We should never depend on a foreign nation for our medical needs,” he said. “We will produce more than 100 million swabs per month in January.”