Trump campaign sues super Democrat PAC for criticizing response to coronavirus

President TrumpDonald John Trump: Trump rally triggers quarantine of dozens of Republican Secret Service agents: Trump needs new plan Trump faces ObamaCare court deadline as political terrain changes MOREThe reelection campaign is suing the largest Democratic PAC for publishing an ad that says it misrepresents the president’s comments about the coronavirus.

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court in Wisconsin, alleges that Priorities USA, the main super PAC that supports the former vice president Joe BidenJoe BidenGOP: Trump needs a new plan to distract Trump, fuels right-wing violence Biden to accept nomination in Milwaukee amid reduced convention MOREThe presidential offer “knowingly and intentionally” manipulated audio clips of Trump to make it appear that the president had called the coronavirus a “hoax” and downplayed the threat posed by the pandemic.

“It is very clear that Priorities USA supported fabricated digital content in a blatant attempt to slander President Trump and a desperate attempt to save Joe Biden’s sinking campaign,” said Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to the Trump campaign. “As a result of these intentionally deceptive actions, the Trump campaign is using the force of the law to end the circulation of these erroneous and defamatory ads.”

The Trump campaign seeks unspecified monetary damages and legal fees in the case.

Priorities USA had no immediate comment on the Trump campaign complaint.

It is not the first time that Trump’s reelection campaign has been suing for the announcement. The campaign filed a complaint against a Wisconsin television station in April for continuing to air the ad after receiving a cease and desist letter.

The television station, WJFW-NBC, has tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing that it violates the broadcasters’ protected political discourse.

The Trump campaign also previously threatened legal action against television stations that ran the ad in other states, including Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The ad in question presents charts showing the increase in the number of US coronavirus cases. USA While playing videos of Trump talking about the virus. The complaint filed by the Trump campaign has a particular purpose in part of the ad in which the president uses the word “deception.”

Trump and his advisers insist that the president never called the coronavirus a “hoax,” arguing that he was referring to efforts by Democrats to politicize the virus.

Priorities USA said it supports the announcement, noting that it uses Trump’s own words.

Priorities USA Action successfully intervened as a defendant in the Trump campaign lawsuit against a small Wisconsin television station in a desperate attempt to prevent Americans from hearing the truth about Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic that It has cost more than 120,000 American lives and millions of jobs, “Guy Cecil, president of Priorities USA, said in a statement.

“We support the facts in our announcement that uses Trump’s own words. We will not back down from holding Trump accountable for failing the United States,” he added.

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has faced strong criticism in recent months. Initially it minimized the threat posed by the virus, comparing it to seasonal flu. Finally, he called on the states to close down to contain the virus.

His response to the coronavirus and the resulting economic consequences have emerged as pain points in his bid for a second term in the White House, with recent polls showing his waning support and Biden extending his leadership in the race.