Trump campaign postpones Pence events in Florida and Arizona

The decision to postpone these political shutdowns comes as states and the country experience a surge in coronavirus cases, and the Trump administration’s own public health experts continue to warn against large public gatherings.

Pence had a handful of political-related campaigns and events scheduled as part of his trips to both the Sunshine State and the Grand Canyon State. The vice president’s office did not provide an updated schedule for his trips.

“The vice president is still traveling to Texas, Arizona and Florida this week when he said he will meet with the governors and their health care teams,” an office spokesman said in a statement to CNN.

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The Associated Press and NBC first reported the schedule changes.
During Friday’s briefing on the White House coronavirus force, Pence said he would travel to Texas, Arizona and Florida, three of the states most affected by the pandemic in recent weeks, in order to “get a report on the ground “

Pence will travel to Texas on Sunday, where he will speak at First Baptist Church in Dallas to participate in a “Celebrate Freedom Rally,” which his office announces as a celebration of American freedom and spirit. She will then meet with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Covid-19.

When pressured by journalists on Friday for the wisdom of holding campaign rallies, Pence described it as a personal decision outside the government.

“Freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly is enshrined in the United States Constitution,” Pence said when asked why he and President Donald Trump moved forward with the events of the campaign.

“We have elections this fall,” said Pence. “And President Trump and I believe that by taking the appropriate steps (we create screening tests at recent events) and giving people the best advice we have, we still want to give people the freedom to participate in the political process. And we respect that. “