Trump-Biden Presidential Debate in Cleveland: Top 5 Moments

The first discussion of the 2020 presidential election on Tuesday night was burning from beginning to end.

President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked each other on more personal terms for more than 90 minutes, as moderator Chris Wallace worked to get both candidates, but Trump in particular, the candidates who agreed to follow the rules of debate.

The conversation ranges from the coronavirus crisis to the Supreme Court vacancy to health care. It’s not clear how much substance voters can get out of the debate, however, it mostly involves lines intended to appeal to parties.

Here are the top five moments of the first presidential debate.

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1. Conflict between Biden and Trump over who controls the Democratic Party

During the initial segment of the Supreme Court vacancy, the debate turned to health care and Trump began attacking Biden, saying he would be responsible for his party’s support for Bernie Sanders-backed field and “Medicare-for-All”. “I am the Democratic Party right now. The platform of the Democratic Party is what I actually allowed,” he said, knocking out the first of many explosive tensions between the pair.

There was a statement from Biden to keep himself away from the far-left side of the party to date. Trump was hammering the issue during the debate.

Notably, even on the Supreme Court issue, Wallace asked Biden if he was ready to pack up the Supreme Court and support the end of the Senate filebuster? Biden flatly refused to take a stand on the issue.

2. Wallace reminds candidates who are moderates

During the transition between the first segment and the second segment of the discussion, Trump spoke for a few seconds on his lace when the moderator tried to ask him a question. Eventually Les finally raised his voice, “I’m the moderator of this discussion.” Before finishing the question.

Trump and Biden were constantly talking to each other during many discussions and at one point to Wallace saying, “Gentleman, do you understand that you’re both talking at the same time?”

A few minutes later when Trump was responding during his two-minute non-stop period, Biden tried to shout and Wallace responded to Trump by reminding Biden of the time. Wallace will need to repeatedly condemn both candidates.

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“. Left just lost.”

Biden was discussing his health care plan, noting that Democrats in the primary were attacking the fact that they would not cancel private health insurance, as many candidates were proposing. Trump intervened and accused Biden of agreeing to abolish private health care and Medicare for All, which Biden did not.

Biden, as Trump was falsely accusing him of imposing fabs on healthcare and agreed to a “manifest manifesto”, warned Trump that he was “with the wrong person, the wrong night at the wrong time.”

Trump responded, referring to Biden’s open denial of Medicare for All, saying, “He just lost the left, you just lost the left.”

Later in the debate, during a discussion on global warming, Biden said that the “Green New Deal is not my plan” and that he supports the “Biden Plan”, which is different from the Green New Deal plans discussed by other Democratic presidential candidates.

B. Biden addresses voters individually on the coronavirus

One of the most influential moments of Biden’s discussion came when the topic turned to the coronavirus epidemic and he addressed cameras and voters directly at home as he made his case for why he is the best person to handle the epidemic.

He cited recordings from Trump reporter Bob Woodward earlier this year as saying he hit the coronavirus to avoid panic, and told Americans, “You don’t panic, he panicked.”

On the issue, Trump warned that Biden wanted to “close the country” and “destroy the country.”

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5. Clash on mask and shutdown

As the conversation on the issue of coronavirus continued, Valce Les asked Trump why he continued large rallies without any social distance and the use of scattered masks in clear violation of his own administration’s guidelines. Trump noted that he defended that rallies take place outside airports and that “people want to hear what I have to say.”

Biden responded by telling voters, “He doesn’t care about you” and criticized Trump for handling his rallies.

“The way he controls social distance and encourages masked people not to do so is basically irresponsible,” Biden said. “Well, that’s stupid.”

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Trump responded by remixing that Biden would shut down the country and the shutdown harmed people both financially and mentally.

Biden said in his reply that recovery from the coronavirus crisis in the stock market and for millionaires and billionaires may look good, but for the average person things have not improved significantly yet. And Biden said shutting down the country would help the economy in the long run.

“You can’t fix the economy unless you fix the Covid crisis,” Biden said. “He should get a job and take care of the needs of the American people.