Trump angry at allies over possible October surprise

Once optimistic he will be able to use the powers of his office fees to force a good time win, Trump now struggles against political headwinds, regulatory burdens and plain reality. He has days away from reaching the last possible point in his administration when his election chances will improve when he promises something in “two weeks”. Some people outside the White House – including his one-time national security adviser – have openly speculated about what he plans to do to create a political arena by Trump.

Angered by his retirement for failing to implement, Trump is reconsidering his possible second-term cabinet, with people familiar with the matter saying, although he is superstitious and does not like to discuss who he will reappoint if he is lucky again. Assuming luck. At the White House, efforts to deliver last-hour policy wins are best scatter shots as viral outbreaks work. Trump has proven himself less helpful than offering conflicting suggestions via Twitter.

“We’ll see, you know, just what you can do,” Trump said during a call to the Fox Business Network on Thursday morning, speaking to the Fox Network for the fifth time since returning home from hospital. “But there has never been an administration that has done so well.”

The disappearing lifelines have angered the president. Instead of big new announcements from the Rose Garden or on the election field, Trump is preparing to dial Fox hosts from the White House and rip off most of his senior cabinet members for not sharing before November.

Even the most loyal

Even officials such as Attorney General William Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Treasury Secretary Steven Muchin were seen as the most loyal and therefore the safest, but did not escape Trump’s wrath. Asked during a Newsmax phone-in on Wednesday, Trump declined to answer whether he would ask the bar to serve a second term.

“I have no comment,” he said. “It can’t be commented on. It’s too early. I’m not happy.”

A day later, it was Munchin, currently in vain negotiating a new stimulus package on Capitol Hill, which is being hit by the president.

“He didn’t come home with the bacon,” Trump said.

In other settings, Trump has disciplined aides not to make big announcements in the final weeks of the campaign, which could help improve their position with key electoral groups such as senior citizens or women. And even after returning to the White House after being hospitalized with the coronavirus, Trump remained annoyed at his chief of staff for telling reporters that his initial symptoms were worrisome.

From the Supreme Court vacancy to the president’s own cowardly diagnosis and hospitalization to the new Middle East diplomacy, this fall is still apt with the surprise of the election season. But the things that Trump once planned to blow up in the final days of the presidential race are shocking – it’s an unfamiliar experience to get what a man wants.

President Donald Trump said, “When I got to know Donald, his path was always broken. There was always someone to clean up his mess. They were giving him millions of dollars to bail him out.” Mary Trump said the president’s niece who recently published a horrific account of her upbringing. “He’s in a completely different universe right now where no one is left, really, to help him get out of the jam he’s in. And I think that’s the pressure, honestly.”

Destroy the Department of Justice

Another 'huge' Trump conspiracy theory has gone awry
The latest possible “October October Surprise” was extinguished this week. According to the Washington Post, the Justice Department’s investigation into the “unmaxing” routine spy practice ended without charge, after constant hype by the president and his aides in the media.

U.S. A separate investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation by attorney John Durham has also made it clear that Trump will once again convince voters he hopes they will be unjustly persecuted in the first years of his presidency.

Current and former judicial officials have said the Durham investigation found no evidence to bring any major charges against the people Trump considers his political enemies. And Barry has also told Republican lawmakers in recent weeks not to expect a report from Durham on his findings before election day.

Durham is notoriously slow and methodical in his investigations, which usually take years, according to people familiar with how he works, an issue that has frustrated justice officials and Trump’s congressional allies.

He has also angered the president, who pointed his wrath at the bar, and he made stalled accusations.

“Why should they get a free pass because it took so long to investigate?” He said during a telephone interview on Fox Business on Thursday. “They want to wait until the election goes well. It’s very sad. It’s really pathetic.”

Trump is no less forgiving of Pompeo, who last week accused him of dragging his feet in releasing some of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The top diplomat responded by saying that they were working quickly to get him out before election day.

“We will do everything we can to ensure that we give the American people a chance to see exactly what we can produce,” Pompeo said Wednesday, refusing to say why the state government needed to take such action three weeks ago. . ” Election.

Trump has also been open to fueling his frustration with allowing government health agencies to enforce his rules. Essentially ensuring that the coronavirus vaccine will not be approved for immediate use before November 3, Trump once publicly speculated that the vaccine would be available before then. Elections, a possibility for which he did very little in the political arena.

But after a week-long arrest by White House officials, U.S. The Food and Drug Administration clarified in a new guideline last week that comprehensive safety data on vaccine candidates will be required before granting emergency rights – if not difficult, if not impossible, any vaccine manufacturer to apply for emergency authorization by Election Day.

Trump made a fuss in the hours that followed – “Just another political hit job!” – And yet Thursday morning the stabbing is heard.

“It would have been before the election and there could still be a little bit,” he said. “There’s a lot of politics.”

In politics, too, Trump has similarly stabilized talk of a major new stimulus, which he tried to call just last week before he suddenly retaliated. Many of the president’s allies have been surprised by Trump’s reluctance to hand out new checks to Americans in the week leading up to the election, which has led to a spike in stocks.

On Thursday morning, Trump said he was ready to go beyond the current $ 1.8 trillion fur of his administration, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying quickly that such a proposal is not in the presentation.

“This is not what I’m going to put on the floor,” he told reporters in Kentucky.

Foreign policy

Trump has sought to make 11-hour progress on foreign policy, traditionally the area where presidents have wider influence. He called for a new general agreement between Israel and the Arab Gulf states and said his administration was renewing pressure to finalize a nuclear deal with Moscow, in the hope that the deal would force China to reconsider its position on tripartite arms talks.

But even there, Trump is having trouble delivering on his promises. America’s most senior general is pushing for a public declaration that the U.S. Aggressively reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan by the end of the year, regardless of the ground conditions.

“Robert O’Brien, or someone else, can guess what they think is right. I’m not going to get involved in betting, I’m engaged in a rigorous analysis of the situation based on circumstances and plans. Aware in my conversations with the President,” said General Mark Mile told NPR.

The absence of a victory has left some former officials wondering what the president thinks once the election is over.

“I think he must see that the political climate is becoming increasingly problematic for him, so I think his willingness to do what he has to do in the last week of the campaign becomes more insistent,” said John Bolton, now former national security adviser. Now Trump’s critics – in an episode of “The X-Files” this week, listing new arms deals with Russia or the fourth summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump could potentially come up with surprising surprises in October.

“This kind of flashy, exciting and bright light event – that’s what Donald Trump would think,” Bolton said. “And I think there’s a possibility as the election gets closer.”