Travis Fulgam had 10 catches and 150 yards last week. What happens next?

You missed the game on Sunday; You didn’t miss the ecstatic mass crescendo from southeastern Pennsylvania. A giant receiver did more than just offer to catch a pass for the Eagles – a just cause for celebration among Unified Ingles fans – he caught some. He caught many. He caught all those who came his way, and it wasn’t an easy catch, and it wasn’t a shallow catch, and they were in third place and through tight coverage and in the final zone. Run turners and point scores from a huge receiver wearing green at midnight – and 13, no less!

Travis Fulgam was a revelation against the Steelers for Philadelphia and Carson Wentz. His 10 catches and 150 yards was the best single-game performance since Jeremy Millin Klein in 2014 – accordingly, the first wide receiver to deliver such a day with Ventz at the helm. He looked very comfortable and trustworthy Ventz, who regularly threw Fulgam on time, relying on him to emerge. It seemed the offense of the most dynamic Eagles: they benefited greatly and were effective against the third and pressure. The coaching staff worked to get him matchups and he focused his attention that day on what the Eagles fans had long been expecting from JJ Arsega-Whiteside, Jillian Regor, Desin Jackson … well, none other than Travis Fulgam, really.

The first and essential question, then, is this: Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?

Really nowhere. Fulgham had an explosion late in their senior season at Old Dominion which guaranteed an invitation to the Senior Bowl. It is important that he does not stand on the roster, which included Terry McLaurin, Andy Isabella, Hunter Ranfro and Debo Samuel. This was my only note regarding his play from the week:

Fulgam showed a nice developmental profile due to its long experience and lack of solid combine performance, and was accordingly prepared by the Detroit Lions in the sixth round. Everyone knows the story behind it: he spent a year on the practice team, cut this past cut fission, bounced in the green bay, and ended up with the Eagles for the end of camp. He was on the roster for 44 days before being activated for the 49-day game.

A day later, he did this.

On this look, the ball should go to the sparkler. The Wentz instantly sees two high safety and pulls a TE Zach Ertz bracket to the fulcrum ham money side of a formation, leaving a single-high safety with a long runway covered with opposite hashes to go nine routes of fl high gum. Who was there ined bho – Fulgam, Ward, Haitawar or Arsega-Whiteside – this ball should go on that route.

As such, I’m not sure there was any special trust or bond between Ventz and Fulgam before this was thrown out. Wentz throws it in a timely manner, and as noted in the broadcast, the five-step-and-hit drop indicates that Wentz leaves the ball still covered at Fulgam. Trying to bounce back requires faith in Fulgam, but for those who have endured Wentz during the last few asons tuo, it doesn’t seem to have much credibility in anyone else.

Fulgam reveals, makes a great throw, and makes a great catch on scores – it was also an explosive ical shot that the Eagles have been hunting against Washington for 1 week, and many think he plays the spark that made the Wentz-Fulgam relationship Was burned.

But in the post-Fulgam blast against the Stulers, it wasn’t their nine-way that the Eagles and Wentz went hunting. That was everything else.

The Eagles took advantage of Fulgam’s two best features against the Steelers from college: his catch radius and his walk. A simple player who understands the benefits and doesn’t waste time working on his breaks, Fulgam wasn’t given an easy route tree to make landing easier in the starting lineup. Twice Fulgam was targeted, a difficult throw for any quarterback that needed momentum and time – first working out, and then on his stalk, Fulgam took advantage of the Steelers’ bailing technique on his outer corner to create space. Its final break on the side.

These are both third down routes, and when they threatened the ical bha route, they were about to attack the stiff window outside the sticks. This route also requires a lot of faith in the offensive structure and defense: it is a long development path that will not give Ventz a chance to go through subsequent progress. If Wentz commits to Fulgam, he needs to win his way – the ball is coming his way.

This shows Wentz’s confidence in Fulgam – he expects this deeper depth to be the way he has often done for Wentz in his young career. He liked the match-up at Fulgam (two career catches coming) against J. Hayden and Steven Nelson’s Pte NFL corners.

The bad news, however, is that Ventz’s timing with Fulgam is not right. Wentz threw a few more, with a nice backside post-stop route batting on the scrimmage line and another deep out breaker on the speed cut. But they were Fulgam late on the Yanda stop route which was more Y.A.C. Could go for, and Fulgam coverage broke late on the visual adjustment in its ical part way against coverage.

It’s wild to think how the Eagles have had so much trouble integrating new receivers compared to Fulgham’s immediate success, who immediately got a three-course meal of route adjustments to his plate. The Eagles originally run John Hightower on Slant, Curls, Nines and Deep Danda posts and overs; There are many options and adjustments in the route of the flagship, like Zach Ertz, as Jeffrey had a habit of Els on. Fulgham has been hailed as a sports scholar returning to his days at the Old Dominion, and it is clear that the Eagles like him even for such a player.

This is the real reason why Fulgam did not target any ical shots other than his touchdown. His first welcome against the Ninners and his first welcome against the Steelers were both on verticular routes that adjusted the curls against the coverage.

This is the bread and butter of value that Fulgham brings to Philadelphia, and this is why Ventz believes in Fulgam more than anyone touching deep. Fulgham is where Ventz expects, while he expects it. It sounds simple, but for the past two years Wentz has had many problems with other receivers related to their chemistry. Fulgam and Wentz are looking at the field in the same way, and that’s why Wentz wants to throw loneliness ways at 3G and Longs, why the coaching staff wants him to med med on good looks … well, more 3G and longings On.

Once the ball is out of the bottom corner from the catch point to the air for a box, see how the gullet slows down. That’s good stuff, baby.

Fulgham could not leave a ball if he tried against Pittsburgh; He was snapping p te corners. I’m not sure even one of those truths will be around in the long run. Fulgam will fight one or two contests in the future, and now that it is clearly defined as the Eagles ’top pass-catching threat, it will be harder for them to open through the structure inside the defense.

But he will continue to be a smart player who currently has more confidence in Vertz than any receiver other than Ertz – and this year Artz is struggling, which will take him much further.

Where is this going?

Eagle gave Fulgam a complete kit and cabudle in Week 5, and he took every opportunity. Although the Eagles are currently focusing on injured pass-catchers Dixin Jackson, Shulshan Jeffrey, Jillian Rager and Dallas Goedert, Fulgam will undoubtedly be active and play a role in the crime. What will that role look like?

The full grip of the root tree in Fulgam’s Eagles book is extremely encouraging. This allowed the Eagles to continue their vert game play, which they demonstrated against their short eagles, while also grooming their short game. As more players return to the fold, the Eagles can keep it on routes that will keep it on easy routes, such as come nda comeback, deep out and nine routes, so as to limit its average acceleration and direction change exposure. .

Fulgham are not in line for any more 13 goal games, but they will move on to late downs given the intermediate routes and Ventz’s favorite goal-winning ability through his reliable hand and contact. To thrive on a long-term role with the Eagles, Fulgam will need to spend the next few weeks proving he is very reliable, he still commands the role on the huge receiver room that prioritizes speed. Given how much the Eagles and Wentz already trust him I am confident he will.