Trailers of the week: ‘Greenland’, ‘Hamilton’, ‘Little Voice’ and more

All i can say

The trailer for the new movie, made up of the late singer’s self-recorded video, shows Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon voicing for the 1992 band’s hit “No Rain.” Part of the historical record and part of the diary, the film shows some of Hoon’s biggest moments, including the birth of his daughter as he saw himself on the cover of Rolling Stone – from your own perspective. However, Hoon didn’t just press the record during celebratory moments: the teaser shows Hoon relapsing into sobriety. Even in the final hours before his death after an overdose, Hoon had the tape running, capturing his life in an unwavering way. (June 26th)

Brave New World

New London: a place of pure happiness, free from hunger, violence or any other social illness, as long as you stick to the regime of taking a drug called soma. When John the Savage (played by Alden Ehrenreich) leaves the Wildlands for a chance to join utopia, he quickly realizes that something sinister lurks just behind happiness. While the breakthrough does not reveal exactly what John discovers, it is clear that New London leaders are willing to do everything possible to prevent John from disturbing the (sedated) peace. (July 15)


Cheery news anchors share the word of a comet due to the passage of Earth, which they have nicknamed Clark. Although it doesn’t take long before they are proven terribly wrong about the nature of the comet threat. Gerard Butler plays a father determined to protect his family, a job that becomes increasingly impossible as the comet fragments wreak havoc on his city. Security bunkers in Greenland are the only appearance of hope, but inexplicably destroyed cargo planes and chilling orders to take refuge in a landscape without refuge make fate seem like a distant wish. (August)


Broadway remains closed, but at Disney +, there will soon be a way to experience Hamilton once again. The film adaptation of the musical was made possible by recordings of director Thomas Kail’s show, which were later edited together. The trailer shows a heartwarming performance by the original cast members, including Renee Elise Goldberry, Leslie Odom Jr., and Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others. (3rd of July)

Small voice

After all the odd jobs involved in trying to make ends meet in her brother’s rent and medical bills, Bess King (played by Brittany O’Grady) puts her music aside just for her. Although, as the trailer hints, there are plenty of people in her life (some of whom are wrapped in a love triangle) cheering her on to turn down the volume on her internal criticism and play for the world. The Apple TV + series features new original music by Sara Bareilles, which teases throughout the ew clip. (July 10th)

Muppets Now

Kermit the Frog – and “Joe from legal” – have an announcement: The Muppets are back for a new Disney + series. While Joe advises Kermit not to leak any details about the show’s celebrity guests, we can see Seth Rogan, Aubrey Plaza, and RuPaul joining Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the gang for some fun. (July 31st)

Showbiz Kids

A group of former child actors gathers for a new HBO documentary that shows what happens behind the success and stardom. For some families, that meant diving into their savings. For others, the understanding that parents cannot always protect their children came too soon. In the video of the interview, Evan Rachel Wood says: “Any industry that has so much power and is so competitive is beginning to become ‘Well who can be the most abuser?’ (July 14)

Waiting for the barbarians

Mark Rylance plays the Unnamed Magistrate in the film adaptation of JM Coetzee’s novel. Near retirement, the Magistrate meets the arrival of Colonel Joll (played by Johnny Depp), who is deeply committed to keeping the “barbarians” out of their settlement. However, as Joll increasingly indulges in his torture tendency, the Magistrate begins to doubt the integrity of the empire, especially after encountering a girl tortured by Joll. The magistrate travels to the desert to return the girl to her family, while the question of her own loyalty weighs heavily on her. (August 7th)