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Waiting for any information on your favorite console is getting tougher and the COVID-19 pandemic is making it even worse. If things were different, we could have had a lot more details on the PlayStation 5. But, it’s definitely going to be a long wait before we can do it. Of course, there will be rumors and speculation of all kinds, but ultimately we will have to wait for the official announcement.

So far, we know that the PS5 has exciting new games for us. Sequel like Spiderman Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West looked absolutely amazing. Even the iconic Ratchet and Clank is making a comeback. But all of this only makes the wait even more difficult because it makes us want to put our hand on the new console sooner.

The first PlayStation 5 price disclosure rumors

There was a ray of hope when Roberto Serrano, a popular industry expert, provided an update. Apparently Sony was supposed to reveal the release date and price on July But that never happened. Now Roberto says that another event is scheduled for August 6.th2020. Take a look:

Apparently Sony plans to showcase certain third-party games that will be available for the PS5 and PS4. We might even get lucky and see a new God of War title. But given what happened last time, we wouldn’t be too sure about this. Still, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Eric Lempel’s direction on pre-orders for PS5

Other news that came from an even more credible source may further intrigue you. Recently Geoff Keighley introduced a preview that introduced us to the DualSense controller. During that breakthrough, Eric Lempel, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment, joined him. When asked about the pre-order / release date rumors, he said:

“We had nothing to do with it.” “I got a message from someone saying that people were lining up at stores, and we had no idea why. We will let you know when pre-orders will be placed. It will not happen a minute in advance. At some point, we will let you know when you can pre-order PlayStation 5. “

So there you have it. Until there is an official announcement about pre-orders, the speculation doesn’t make sense. Of course, this will not prevent people from constantly searching for more information. But it is better to wait for Sony’s announcement. We will continue to update this space as soon as we have information about preorders. So keep an eye out for new updates.

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