Top 11 tips and tricks of Microsoft Edge Chromium browser


With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft announced a new Project Spartan: the Microsoft Edge browser. The browser was based on Microsoft’s EdgeHTML rendering engine. Due to a different web rendering engine, the Edge browser never received much interest from developers. Microsoft Edge lacked a long list of plugin support, and some popular sites often didn’t work well with the default Windows 10 browser. Microsoft eventually relented and announced the Chromium-based Edge browser.

Perimeter browser

After several updates, the company is now confident enough with the new Edge browser, and has replaced the old offering on Windows and macOS. There’s a lot I like about the new Microsoft Edge browser.

If you’re new to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, then this post may be the perfect read for you. We are going to talk about the eleven main tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge Chromium. Let us begin.

1. Import browser data

Before starting from scratch in the Microsoft Edge browser, you may want to import the history, bookmarks and other information from the old installed browser. Microsoft allows you to import data from the previous browser you were using.

Import data

Open Microsoft Edge, tap the three-dot menu at the top, and go to Settings. Go to Profiles> Import browser data. Here, you can select the web browser, your Microsoft Edge profile and the list of items that you can import from the selected browser. The list includes Favorites, Saved Passwords, Addresses, Payment Information, Open Tabs, Extensions, and more. I recommend that you do this practice before looking up.

2. Use Chrome Web Store

Do you know that one can use practically all Chrome extensions with Microsoft Edge? Since the browser is built on the same web rendering engine as Chrome, you can also install extensions from the Chrome web store. Browse to the Chrome web store on the web and download the relevant extensions.

Border extension

3. Use the dark theme

Windows 10 and macOS integrate a dark theme that works throughout the system. Fortunately, Microsoft has implemented the same with the Edge browser. It supports light and dark themes. You can go to Browser Settings> Appearance> Theme and choose the default system theme, light or dark. I would like to see automatic dark mode in future updates.

Dark mode

4. Switch between design on the home page

Microsoft Edge offers a fairly busy home page. It offers Bing search bar, frequently visited sites, Bing images as background and Microsoft News integration at the bottom. However, you can change that to your liking.

Page layout

From the home page, tap the Settings icon and choose from Centered (clean), Inspirational (with wallpaper), Informational (with Microsoft News integration), and a custom layout.

5. Personalize news

Microsoft News is the direct rival of Google News. It is integrated directly into the home screen. From the bottom menu, tap on customize and the My Interests menu will open. Select the relevant topics that interest you and delete the unnecessary ones.


6. Save news posts to read later

Microsoft allows you to save news to read later. During your busy hours, you can take a look at the news headlines, and if interested, tap the three-dot menu below the news headline and select save for later. To access the saved list, go to the Personalize menu and go to the Saved stories menu.

Save for later

7. Change the default search engine

As expected, Microsoft is forcing consumers to use its Bing search engine. However, you can change that from the settings. Open Settings> Privacy & Services> scroll down to the address bar and set Google as a search engine used in the address bar.

Search engine

You can also configure the browser to open the Google home page every time you open it on the device. Go to Browser settings> On startup> Select Open a specific page and set Google as the default home page.

8. Use reading mode

Microsoft Edge comes with an excellent reading mode that eliminates ads and unnecessary clutter on the web page. When you visit a web page, simply tap the reader icon in the address bar, and Reading Mode will provide a clean-looking interface for reading posts.

Reading mode

You can change the font size, style, reading mode background, and even ask the system to read the post out loud.

9. Browser Pin Tabs

You can pin the most frequently visited web pages in the Edge browser. I use it all the time. Just right click on any tab and select the Pin tab and it will save in the top left corner. So every time you open the browser the tabs will load and the web pages will be ready for you.

Pin tabs

10. Use Microsoft Edge Collections

Microsoft recently introduced the Collections feature for the Edge browser. It is a modern bookmark manager. You can create a collection of web pages and notes and assign a relevant title to it in the Collections. It is useful during research.


Tap the collections icon, select start new collection, add a title, and you’re ready to add web pages and notes.

11. Review privacy settings

By default, Microsoft Edge provides a balanced approach to block harmful trackers. You can change those settings to Strict mode, which blocks most site crawlers. It can also be switched to basic mode. Open Settings> Privacy and services, and select from the available options.


Use Microsoft Edge like a pro

Microsoft Edge Chromium is an impressive offering from the software company. Among the tips listed, Default Reader mode and Microsoft Edge Collections are two of my favorites. What’s the matter with you? Turn off in the comment section below.


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Last updated on May 8, 2020

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