Tool’s Maynard James Keenan doesn’t have the potential for coronavirus deniers, so that’s a good message.

Keenan, whose musical project Pusifer is releasing a new album Existing count On 30 Oct October, he later noted that before hopping on the flight, he found a mask to wear.

Upon arriving in New Zealand, the musician said he stayed at his hotel for four days because the band was on a few days off. “So I was just drinking water, a hot shower, taking care of myself, hot tea. Just trying to get through it. It sucked!” He said. “But you still don’t know how bad this thing could be; if I only knew how bad this thing could have been, I’d have gotten out! So we’d been pretty much alone.”

But because of his illness – which a New Zealand doctor told him he was not Covid-19 – Keenan says the band had to tweak his set a bit to accommodate him. Singing “it wasn’t fun”, he shared, said the tool “had to adjust the set a bit to make it harder.” [songs] In

Later, Keane said that while he was trying to practice Muay Thai – also known as Thai boxing – he noticed injuries to his hands and wrists. “My hands will never hurt this badly!” He told the disease. The rocker, who also had friends who became surprisingly ill with the coronavirus, originally thought the pain was due to him being 56 years old and had only practiced a tough sport, but after walking the arthritis specialist, which he was experiencing, The doctor told him that COVID-19.

And now, more than eight months after he first experienced coronavirus symptoms, he is still suffering from prolonged effects despite being on medication. “I still have a cough. Anything I coughed up in New Zealand, like every day, I know, 10 minutes, a cough in a cough stuff is also appropriate.” “So I still have lung damage from it.”

“I’m still feeling the remnants of that thing. … I think there’s a bunch of people that – maybe I’m not almost dead – my friends who are almost dead,” he added, adding that some Don’t believe he had a virus. “She was ugly.”

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