Tony Hsih, ‘dreamer’ behind Zappos shoe retailer, dies at 46 US News

Tony Hussey, the “dreamer” developer of shline online retailer Zappos, who led the transformation of downtown Las Vegas in recent years, has died at the age of 46.

Hussey was injured in a house fire in Connecticut, while visiting relatives on Thanksgiving, according to his lawyer, Puay Premesriat. His death on Friday was “surrounded by peace and family,” the DTP said in a statement, adding that the organization had established him in 2012 as an umbrella for the revival program.

DTP spokeswoman Megan Fazio gave no other details of the incident, but paid tribute to Hussein, who retired from Zappos as chief executive after 21 years.

Tony’s kindness and generosity touched the lives of everyone around him and brightened the world forever, the statement said. “Delivering happiness has always been his mantra, so instead of mourning his transition, we ask you to join in the celebration of his life.”

After graduating with a degree in computer science from Hilward University, he started a banner advertising company in 1996, born to parents in Taiwan in Illinois.

Microsoft’s sale of LinkExchange allowed Microsoft to become an venture capitalist for tech startups, including Zeppos, which it and Harvard classmate Alfred Lynn transformed from a small business into shoes naline b 1.2 billion company, which was bought by Amazon in 2019. .

Hsih remained chief executive for a second year, but his passion fell elsewhere, especially as he sought to turn downtown Las Vegas into the cutting edge of the 21st century at the center of the technological revolution.

It has invested TP 50 million in DTP companies, which has attracted entertainment, dining and housing projects in the city’s formerly new areas.

“By supporting his city and the people within it, Tony Hussey changed the landscape of downtown Las Vegas,” hotelier Derek Stevens said. Said on Twitter.

“Our community will miss him very much, rest in peace. I will miss him very much. ”

Tony Hawk, a skateboard star who also became an entrepreneurial investor, called Sisih a “true pioneer.”

“[He] Were dreamers. He was generous with his time and was willing to share his invaluable skills with anyone. And it was very, very nice, ” Hawk wrote.

Hsih, who relocated Zappos to Nevada in 2013, lived primarily in downtown Las Vegas, and was popular with celebrities and sports professionals in the development of the South Highlands south of the city.

His 2010 book, Delivering Happiness, topped the New York Times bestseller list for more than half a year.