Tom Cotton calls on Disney for ‘terrible’ double standards towards China

Sen. Tom Catton Ton, R-Arch., Called on Disney on Monday for a decision to issue content warnings on episodes of “The Mappet Pet Show” on Disney + streaming service after the company’s previous work in China’s controversial Xinjiang province.

The “Muppet Show”, first aired in 1976, was released on Disney + Friday, warning of “offensive content” ahead of select episodes.

Disclaimer reads, “This program includes negative depictions and / or behaviors with people or cultures.” “These rhetorical experiments were wrong at the time and are wrong now. Instead of removing this material, we want to acknowledge its harmful effects, learn from it and start a conversation together to create a more comprehensive future.”

After the controversial selection of the company’s live-action remake film “Mullan” in China’s Xinjiang province, Sen. Katton called the decision a “total Mickey Mouse move” on Fox and Friends, where Beijing has been accused of human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims.

“Just last year, they thanked an agency of the Chinese Communist Party responsible for concentration camps and genocide in China’s Xinjiang province for helping them make a movie film.”

“It’s insulting and horrible.”

Cotton also referred to comments he made to Disney CEO Bob Iger in 2019 when he said it would be “very difficult” to shoot in the state of Georgia because of the controversial abortion bill.

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“The Georgia legislature, yet, wanted to protect unborn children [Disney] “He is willing to work with the Chinese communists, who are responsible for the genocide against their own people,” Kotin said. “It’s really awful.”

Fox business ‘Lucas Masfredi and Fox News’ Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.