Tom Brady: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

The man known for reciting “LFG” is now channeling FDR.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Brady posted on Instagram, with a photo of him drinking from a bottle of water at the Buccaneers practice he has organized.

It’s Brady’s latest act of open defiance, given that the NFL Players Association has recommended that no player exercise together before training camp, explaining that “the goal is for all players and their families to be as healthy as possible possible in the coming months. ” “

The NFLPA is not alone in that regard.

“The NFLPA and the NFL are in the same place,” NFL medical director Allen Sills said in a conference call with reporters on Thursday, specifically in response to a question from NFL Ian Rapoport about Brady’s workouts. and his message from the era of the Great Depression. . Dr. Sills explained that the league hopes to have the “safest environment possible for all of our constituents,” and said that there is a shared risk, but also a shared responsibility among players to support themselves and family members. safest possible.

This is not to annoy Brady. He is not the only quarterback to organize workouts without the benefit of NFL / NFLPA protocols and oversight. But Brady is the best quarterback in league history, and has been the most visible and hotly debated player in recent months. His words and actions have considerable influence, both on other players in the league and far beyond.

If Brady doesn’t take the threat of the coronavirus outbreak as seriously as he should, why should anyone else? That is the heart of the problem, and either you don’t realize it or you just don’t care.

In addition, it is another example of the strange disconnect that is currently affecting the nation regarding the adequate response to a pandemic that in recent weeks has shown no signs of dying or disappearing anytime soon. Brady obviously doesn’t care about any of that, and that’s his prerogative. You just need to understand the impact your message will have on others, either to persuade people not to worry about the situation, or to give those seeking evidence to back up their own lack of concern a pretty strong board on which to lean on. .