To open half a dozen new vaccination clinics in Wayne County

Detroit – With the announcement that new vaccination clinics will open earlier this week, some seniors – such as -ice-year-old Janice Kutlish – are surprised that the vaccine will eventually be their chance.

Original story: Wayne County announces new vaccination clinics for seniors

“I’ve actually talked to a lot of women, especially since each of them hinted that, you know, they’re all waiting.” “I think it will be in everyone’s favor.”

From Tuesday, clinical fee clinics will include Melvindale, Romulus, Wayne City, Canton Township and Plymouth, paired in a faculty with Highland Park and Hamtramc. Seniors must contact their nearest faculty to schedule an appointment.


Livonia was added to the list on Monday.

“So far, especially in the Wayne community, everywhere in the Detroit area is located somewhere in very few places,” Kutlish said. “I hope they spread it a little bit now.”

So far, Wayne County has given more than 36,601 vaccines. Another 13,000 alone are scheduled for this week. Kutlish just wants to move on and move on.

“We have been waiting all year. We have followed all sorts of rules, and you know, be patient and now everyone is worried, ”Kutlish concluded. “Everyone is anxious, but should help get the six.”

Note: Remember again, these vaccines will only be for residents of specific communities.

A complete list of clinics and how to register can be found below.

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“Every vaccinator brings us closer to ending the epidemic,” Evans said. “I thank the state of Michigan for working with Wayne County to make sure we take more doses to vaccinate our seniors faster. The vaccine delivery process is limited by the available vaccines – none of which are sufficient – but Wayne County shoots into the weapon as quickly as we get them. “

More information can be found on the official Wayne County website here.