Tipster claims that Exynos 990 inside the Galaxy Note 20 will be as fast as its Snapdragon counterpart

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is only a week away. While the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is intended to be a significant update on its predecessor with its The 120Hz LTPO panel, a better S Pen, and an improved camera system, the Note 20 will stick to a very common 60Hz display and a plastic back. Some markets, like Europe, will likely get the Exynos 990 instead of Snapdragon 865 Plus and according to an informant this might not necessarily be bad news.

As expected, the filter claims that the Exynos 990 within the Galaxy Note 20 duo will not be the same as the chip within the latest S series models. Rather, it will be an improved and optimized version and will work as well as the chip. Snapdragon 865 Plus. While we’re not quite sure if its performance is similar to Qualcomm’s new chip, we hope it will at least catch up to the Snapdragon 865.

After all, Samsung is reportedly also making a specific PC model of the Exynos 990, which continues to demonstrate that it relies heavily on the chip, despite criticism you have received.
In other related news, the Galaxy Note 20 it won’t be more affordable than the Note 10 like A couple of reports had suggested. In Europe, the price will probably start at € 999, and the maximized model will be more expensive than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus at € 1,449.