Tips, Tricks, and Substitutions for Home Cooking During the Pandemic – CBS Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – With so many people cooking and eating more at home, but making fewer trips to the supermarket, what should a cook do at home when a crucial ingredient is missing, hello, yeast?

Gabi Dimovska, general manager of V DTLA, disclosed some of her food tips, tricks, and tricks.

She always recommends certain key ingredients at hand, like onion and garlic, and is a big fan of beets.

“I think beets, garlic and onions, just regular onions, are so good to always have at home,” said Dimovska.

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images for NYCWFF)

She says that onions improve the taste of everything, and beets can be eaten in various ways and can last up to two months if kept at the right temperature and conditions in the refrigerator.

Eggs and apples are basic, too, and even if you’re an experienced home cook who relies on fresh herbs, the dry type will work just as well.

“Just learn about the products you have at home, because you can usually do much more than comes to mind,” he said.

For everyone who tries a baker’s cap, yeast is scarce in almost every grocery store, but Dimovska has a trick for that: he says that baking soda and lemon juice will replace what yeast does, and he just uses half a tablespoon of each. But what if there is no lemon juice?

“Beer works,” he said.

Yogurt can also be used in baking, but it is not a substitute for yeast, Dimovska said.

“As long as you have lemon juice or baking soda, it usually does the job for you,” he said.