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(DETROIT CBS) – With Michigan still under “stay home” orders and schools closed across the state, parents have adopted many different ways to keep their children educated and entertained. One solution is for parents to hire an online babysitter to read a book, help with homework, or participate in different activities online. It’s called a remote babysitter or virtual daycare, and it’s used to help entertain, care for, or care for a child remotely using a video call app like Skype or Facetime. This can be useful if the parent is working from home and is momentarily concerned or needs to focus on something. The staff has shared some tips, tricks, and real-life experiences to keep in mind before your first remote childcare experience.

First of all, make sure you have a “meet you” meeting with parents and children through an online platform like Skype, for example. That way, they’ll get to know each other a little more, decide an hourly rate, share their emergency contact information, talk about the activities they will be doing and how long the childcare appointment will last.

During the first few minutes of a child care appointment, parents should stay for the first few minutes until the child settles in and does something fun with the babysitter. The father must always be in the same house or room as the child.

A fun first activity is “drawing your life”. This will help the babysitter and child get to know each other better. Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, where you live and who your friends are. As you say this, you will also draw it to show the child. Once the babysitter has finished, it is the child’s turn to share.

Here are 8 additional good tips shared by for those interested in becoming an online babysitter:

  • Tip 1: the father should always be in the same house or room as the child.
  • Tip 2: Before you start childcare online, don’t forget ask for the phone number From the parent If something happens, the child needs to go to the bathroom, the Internet connection is not working, the child is no longer focused, etc., he can easily call the parents, and the parents can come into the room and take care of the child.
  • Tip 3: Always remember that the activities will probably take a little more time and effort than usual. Especially when you are teaching a child something, like playing an instrument or when you are helping him with homework. Forever stay patient And don’t forget to include some additional breaks.
  • Tip 4: When teaching how to play an instrument, make sure that webcam it’s focused on your hands instead of your face. By doing this, it is easier for the child to learn.
  • Tip 5: Remote babysitting is not for really young children. Once a child can talk, sit alone, and focus for more than 30 minutes, the child is ready to babysit online. If the father does not know if it will be possible for his son, we recommend first try it for a few minutes while the father is still there and then decide together with the parent if possible for the child.
  • Tip 6: Remote childcare is not intended for the whole day. If a parent really needs to focus on their work or have a meeting, remote childcare is perfect. 1-3 hours is fine for babysitting online, but we don’t recommend babysitting any longer. With longer calls, there is a good chance that the child will lose focus.
  • Tip 7: Using a computer Instead of a phone it is easier.
  • Tip 8: There are actually many activities that you can still do while babysitting remotely. Here are some ideas for doing things while babysitting online; Teach kids to play an instrument, read them a book, dance and sing together, DIY together, help kids with their homework, teach kids a different language, speak, play, and do some exercises together. .

Here are some online babysitting experiences shared by

Deborah – “I heard from my aunt that my cousin felt alone because she could no longer see her classmates and friends. To help her out a bit, I called her and we chatted for a while. Then it seemed like a good idea to read my favorite book from when I was a kid, called Ezzies Diary. My cousin really enjoyed chatting with me and listening to the story. We have agreed to do this every week!

Julia – “I tried remote assistance with Marie for the first time a few days ago. I guess the main benefit for her and her parents is that it kept her busy while the parents worked from home. Being online and answering your questions helped her focus and made me use my brain to return to surprisingly difficult math exercises!

Elena – “My first experience as a remote babysitter was really pleasant. Together with Victoria we learned the English numbers from 1 to 10. It was quite easy to do this exercise on the screen. Internet connection was sometimes the only problem we had. But other than that, it was useful to her. We look forward to the next online tutoring call! ”

Charlotte – “When I first heard about remote childcare at Babysits, I have to admit, I was wondering how it was possible. Now I am taking care of Valentine remotely while his parents work from home. We had a good time, we even created a dance and did some DIY together. “

José – “My experience as a remote babysitter with Lizzy was really fun. We played the piano together and I tried to help her learn some basic melodies. It was a little harder than usual to show which keys I needed to play, but with a little practice and changing the camera angle so I could see where my hands were playing, it worked quite well!

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